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So I was listening to one of my favorite bands this very morning, The Sound of Animals Fighting, and seeing how their lyrics are quite difficult to make out on some tracks, I began to hear my own words come as I was listening to a track. 254 more words

General Writing

Praise for HABIT

Every review means a lot – even the ones that bear criticism.  Hearing from readers is one of my greatest pleasures in this whole business of agonizing over my books, hoping I got them right, and then pushing them out into the world like my children. 54 more words

Crime Thrillers

Spring greetings

We seem to have reached the end of a week of glorious sunshine in Edinburgh, which coincided with my holiday week and the arrival of a new camera. 316 more words

Mystery Novels

Mini-review: "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"

I finally caught up with the rest of the world and saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier yesterday. I have a mess of notes I jotted down during the credits, in the vain hope that I might write a full review, but I have two posts in my drafts folder I really want to finish, plus at least two just-for-fun writing projects that I’m actually excited about, so that full review may never materialize. 1,412 more words

General Writing

I Had Promised A Lengthy Post On Pubbing

But I had a seriously hosed night last night, and I don’t have the motivation to do the full-fledged link research that requires. I say that, but this post has six open links. 670 more words


Block Ages

There are many things that could be
And countless more
Invisible to me

My eyes don’t see well
In the dark
And my blood flows slowly… 21 more words


Spider Solitary

Hang on to a last word
Like a profound thought

A theory woven from theories

Shaky at best
And dead at worst

The first in line, 16 more words

Dark Poetry