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Just for laughs, right?

Have you ever said something to or about someone just to get some laughs from people? At the time it was funny, right? How was it afterwards? 519 more words

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Be the Match: Being change you want to see

This might be a bit of a long story.

Last week, I finished reading Chris Cleave’s Little Bee. I’m going to be working on an adaptation of this novel with Book-It next season, which I’m very, very excited about — but this isn’t about that.  859 more words

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Useful and fun websites (by Mickie)

I was having a bit of difficulty coming up with a topic for this month’s blog, so I turned to the magic of the interwebs for help.   400 more words

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15 July 2014

I’ve always had the idea that I would write or say whatever I like and not really care about how someone else felt about it. I always attributed that to the saying that art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. 603 more words

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The Chrystal Method

We’ve all been told that love is a drug. I know that I’ve heard this many times before. Well, for this piece I shall assume that it is. 434 more words

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A Hearty Endorsement

Of this list of questions: http://writerswrite.co.za/15-questions-authors-should-ask-characters

I’ve always been a fan of doing character interviews. I do them of my major characters in each book. Along with questions like, “What would cause you to abandon your plan?” for the antagonist (as in, “Does he do it because he wants to make the world better, as he sees it–and thus is a well-meaning extremist. 133 more words


How to Repackage LGBT Animus as "Concern for the Welfare of Society"

Redefining marriage is detrimental to the welfare of society.

This is the only argument the anti-LGBT lobby has left because it allows them to avoid any and all facts and talk entirely in bullshit.   924 more words

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