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Epitaph on a Jacobite by Thomas Babington MacAulay

To my true king I offer’d free from stain
Courage and faith; vain faith, and courage vain.
For him I threw lands, honours, wealth, away, 163 more words


India - Day 13

I can now explain the reason Jaipur is called the Pink City with my first picture of the day, the Hawa Mahal, built in 1799, to enable women of the court to watch events below while remaining in purdah. 188 more words


ការពារ Wifi កុំឲ្យ Hack បាន

របៀប Hack Wifi Passowrd ដោយប្រើកម្មវិធី Dummper ជាមួយនឹង JumpStart រួចមកហើយ ។ ប៉ុន្តែថ្ងៃនេះខ្ញុំសូម ប្រាប់ពីរបៀប ការពារវិញម្តង ។ កម្មវិធី Dummper ជាមួយនឹង JumpStart វាអាច Hack ចូលទៅបានគឺអាស្រ័យ នឹង PIN របស់ Rounter ដែល មានក្នុង WPS ។ 21 more words


Easy Living

Easy Living is a responsive, refreshing, & easy-to-use real estate WordPress theme. Easy Living comes with everything you need to create a fully-functioning real estate listing website or related websites. 16 more words


Run, run away. Run, run along.

Someday’s we all wake up and feel like all we want is to escape, like all we want is to go back to sleep and hide for the day that we are expected to meet. 568 more words


Arabic Adventures on Sister's Hour on British Muslim TV


Yes! That’s right. I was kindly invited by British Muslim TV as a guest on their Sister’s Hour Show to talk about my Arabic Adventure’s blog and the Arabic workbooks that inspired this project. 65 more words


Mistletoe Market Artist Profile: Stained Glass from Kim S. Joy

From now through December 31st, we have a ton of fantastic artisans offering handmade and eco-friendly gifts in the Mistletoe Market at Community Forklift.  Stop by this weekend and check out the stained-glass items from Woodbridge, VA based artist Kim S. Joy.