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Spontaneously Shattering Glass

I was called across the road to our rented flat yesterday evening because a window had “exploded”. The outer pane of a double glazed widow had just shattered, for no apparent reason, spraying glass over a large area of the road below. 57 more words


A Sustainable Destination: South of Bahia

The south region of Bahia, in Brazil, is well known for its parties and beautiful beaches. Little do tourists know that the area is actually a natural santuary, and fewer even know about the many programmes there are to protect it. 459 more words

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Kettle on? Come join me with Guest @Link

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Friday I'm in Love: Northern Cardinals

Ever since we moved to the US I’ve seen images of cardinals – vibrant red birds with crests, a black face and strong red beak – and they soon became one of my bucket list birds. 58 more words


Israel, Hamas Agree to 3-Day Cease-Fire

Israel, Hamas Agree to 3-Day Cease-Fire – Wall Street Journal http://ow.ly/2L36Yl


Day Two, Better But Slow Going.

Day two got a total of 10 downloads, 8 in the USA and 2 in the UK. Better than Day One but not exactly a rip roaring success, to use a publishing cliche. 761 more words