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Wouldn't it be scary if everyone was unique?

“Wouldn’t it be boring if we were all the same?”

That idea has been used as a defence of diversity and the right to be… 342 more words


On Baseless Generalizations

A computer engineer who works for CNN’s Atlanta office is in Berlin for a business meeting. He books his return with a layover in Frankfurt because he wants to see the city before heading home. 659 more words

A Gay Dad’s Open Letter to Rose McGowan on Lessons Learned

Rose McGowan’s opinions have been all over social media the past few weeks. She started in an interview with a now infamous diss that gay men are “more misogynistic than hetero men”.

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Quotes are frequently generalizations which have quite a few circumstantial exceptions

Quotes by famous humans frequently have more validity for those with a potential to be great… 237 more words

Common Sense

I Looked Myself in the Mirror...

…while in a FB group (which Pagan group, I dunno, I don’t keep track), and realized something about myself.

Someone posted a meme that generalized Christians.   147 more words


In the beginning, it’s always going to be a matter of who is prettier or not. As it has been said by people and something which I find true, no one will be attracted to you based on your personality. 350 more words

Superior Religion

Religion is a very touchy subject- many people are very close minded, only accepting the religion they believe in and disregarding all others. It’s like people feel threatened by other religions; they go to the extreme to defend their religion as the only “real” one and are bothered by the idea that there is another religion *gasp.* 378 more words