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Black People Urged to Stop Participating in Pop Culture due to Appropriation

Los Angeles- Breaking news: There has been a call to action for Black Americans to stop contributing to pop culture. Popular Black officials cite the problem of White people stealing their culture stating the epidemic is worse than “Blackface”. 132 more words

Dark Humor

REAL TALK with DeMo 8.0: Friend Request: CONFIRM|[NOT NOW]

Some women, be they romantic interests, baby mommas, exes, or whatever they may be, wonder why you wont add them on social media but when you look on their page, their wall is nothing but posts denigrating men & making broad generalizations… 144 more words

Act Your Age

Or don’t, who am I to judge?  Like many kids, I used to think that my parents had been born in their 30’s and that was OLD AS DIRT.  197 more words

Artemis and Sexism

I came across a pin a last week or the week before, from someone about Artemis.  For some reason, it’s still with me, and I don’t get why.   1,649 more words

Dear Fellow Caucasians

Dear fellow caucasians,

Even though it’s a rather infrequent phenomenon, there’s something that some of you (not all, but some) do to me that really pisses me off: You say things about other races that you would never say to somebody who belongs to the particular race you are speaking of to me. 286 more words

Just another Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! Aka the second day of the week, aka not Monday, aka the peanut butter in a Monday-Wednesday sandwich, aka “two-for-tuesday” song day on my favorite radio station at home, aka a day that much closer to Friday… 256 more words

Poisonous M&Ms: The Irrational Monstrosity of Bigotry

Myths and legends about monsters have excited the human imagination for hundreds of years. Although vampires, werewolves and ghosts do not exist in reality, there are irrational belief constructs that are equally monstrous. 1,268 more words