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Stop Gender Generalizing!!

In case y’all didn’t know, I’m really against dichotomous rhetoric. I hate dichotomies regarding anything, but especially gender. I’m really tired of hearing people say things like “Boys do__” and “Girls do___.” Especially when it comes from people who know better. 283 more words

Passing Judgement

People make judgements about other people all the time.

They judge by your clothing, hygiene, posture; by the certifications and degrees hanging on your office wall (or lack thereof). 212 more words

Streams Of Thought

On Rebels and Followers...

Just as doing something because everybody is doing it is not a valid reason for doing that thing, similarly not doing something because everybody’s doing it is not a valid reason for not doing that thing. 85 more words

In A Line

Once more, with feeling...

So, guess I’m gonna try this blogging shyt again. I hope I remember to use this tool, and I hope it helps straighten out my head.


The Process of our Process: Prescribed or Uniquely Individual?

It seems to me, especially after reading some of the discussions on writing process, that there are certain common elements involved in the process of writing. 523 more words


7 things people say/do that I hate

1. “I hate being or doing anything normal. Normal is so boring.” Look honey, with seven billion people alive most of what you do/say/think/wear/eat/drink is not original. 516 more words

7 Things