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The Process of our Process: Prescribed or Uniquely Individual?

It seems to me, especially after reading some of the discussions on writing process, that there are certain common elements involved in the process of writing. 523 more words


7 things people say/do that I hate

1. “I hate being or doing anything normal. Normal is so boring.” Look honey, with seven billion people alive most of what you do/say/think/wear/eat/drink is not original. 516 more words

7 Things

Selina's Blacklisted Baby Names

My dearest Elizabeth,

This is going to be probably one of the funniest of all the letters I’ve sent you. Most important, please understand that many of the words included herein are not meant to come across as seriously judgmental, nor to poke fun at other people, as that is something your mother and I are strongly against. 585 more words

Labelling People With Anxiety

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, I want to talk about something that I find very intriguing. But first, here are a few questions that got me thinking about this topic: “Why are we startled to hear that one of our friends has anxiety when they have an outgoing and energetic personality? 420 more words


Black People Urged to Stop Participating in Pop Culture due to Appropriation

Los Angeles- Breaking news: There has been a call to action for Black Americans to stop contributing to pop culture. Popular Black officials cite the problem of White people stealing their culture stating the epidemic is worse than “Blackface”. 132 more words


REAL TALK with DeMo 8.0: Friend Request: CONFIRM|[NOT NOW]

Some women, be they romantic interests, baby mommas, exes, or whatever they may be, wonder why you wont add them on social media but when you look on their page, their wall is nothing but posts denigrating men & making broad generalizations… 144 more words

Act Your Age

Or don’t, who am I to judge?  Like many kids, I used to think that my parents had been born in their 30’s and that was OLD AS DIRT.  197 more words