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Chapter 11

I was halfway through the book when I felt pain, I was in labour, I headed to the hospital.

I had a beautiful baby boy. I called him Oliver. 94 more words

Random Town Jump

2.0 House Tour

Welcome to the beautiful new Kultura house, located in a secluded area in China.

After going through the entrance you’re met with a bridge that sits over a deep pond filled with indigenous fish and wildlife. 571 more words


2.4 Summer ~ le mariage

Last time Monica tried to move in after the Snowflake Day party, Darla (Sep’s daughter) became a toddler, Betta proposed in a hot air balloon, She had a wild bachelorette party, and her parents reflected on their baby growing up. 1,613 more words

Generation 2: Chapter 8

We decided to add some landscaping to the front of the house – it looked a little bare and we had saved up quite a bit of money, so we figured it couldn’t hurt! 310 more words

2.13 Baby Steps

The fog was clearing, but it had started to rain. One thing goes and the other comes. Not that I minded. It helped hide me better. 3,365 more words


Chapter Two: Violet

Don’t know if I could count it, but there is a little mature content. Just a little, but i don’t know if it counts as a full warning though. 2,981 more words

Legacy Challenge

Generation 2: Chapter 7

I got a call one Saturday morning from a woman named Alexis Kendall. She and her family were new to town, and her little girl Mykaela had met Brady at school. 550 more words