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Chapter 6

Last time, Jenn and Sebastian succumbed to old age, Jade completed her aspiration, Preston completed his aspiration, Emory was born, and Jarrod and Jacklyn did stuff.  1,353 more words

Pinstar Legacy

Chapter 2.8 Second chance

I’m baack.  Like I said I took a ton of photos.

Idris was out keeping her fans happy and ran into Scarlet who recently became an elder.   660 more words


Chapter 2.7 Precious

Hi there! last time there were birthdays, a new cat and Azrael nearly froze.  Lets see what wonders they have in store for me this time. 620 more words


Winner announced!

Hey all! Sorry I let the poll run so long! I’ve been sick with viral bronchitis for over a damn week and I’m not even a smoker. 238 more words


2:16 wanting more

We decided to decorate one of the spare room’s upstairs blue. I don’t know why we chose blue, we just did. Christian being born really brought out the father in George. 1,117 more words


Chapter 2.9 Almost There

Wow look at that, another chapter! Bet you weren’t expecting that so soon.  Well you see I didn’t realise quite how many pictures I had.  There were too many to put in just one chapter so I split it. 984 more words


2:15 new things

With The Gatwick Resort still ours, we had saved quite a bit of money. George worked as an athlete and he earned a lot which we decided to only spend if we needed to. 1,125 more words