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2.17 Big Birthday Bash

Thomas can’t believe all of his children would be having birthdays again- time seemed to fly by. He knew Shaylee wanted to have one big party for all of them, and he had to go pick up the cakes. 364 more words

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2:9 the phone call

The next few days flew by so fast. Brodie absolutely loved Zari. It was as if Zari was his baby. If she cried he would be able to make her smile. 1,074 more words


2.15 Routine & New Arrival

Joey and Violet love having their parents read them books to go to sleep at night, and it is quickly becoming a favorite routine for everyone in the house. 357 more words

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2.13 Birthday Party

Since all of her children would be having a birthday the same day, Shaylee was excited to plan a big birthday party for all of them. 324 more words

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So Much Crying 2.3

Hello! Welcome to another Lightning update!  Last time… well – I’m not sure what happened last time.  Let’s just see what happens this time, shall we? 1,557 more words

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2.12 Shaylee and Thomas Welcome...

As Shaylee walked into the hospital, she reflected that this would be her last moment as a mother of two. 318 more words

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2.11 Labor

Shaylee was surprised when her twin brother Oberon stopped by unexpectedly but was so happy to see him- he hadn’t been able to make it to the twins’ birthday and she wanted her children to know their uncle. 313 more words

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