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Chapter 24

Soon after we arrived home, Jessica was hungry so I quickly made some formula and fed her.

Jack loves this creepy doll and takes it everywhere with him. 56 more words

Random Town Jump

Phoebe. 3. Family Life.

Previously on the Wishing’s…

Phoebe slept with a few new men, but no pregnancy or commitment passed the one night stand.
Heather planted a forbidden fruit, which Phoebe harvested and it became a healthy baby girl called Grace. 1,151 more words

Phoebe Wishing

16. Looking Up

My favorite part of the day is in the morning time, right before I have to go to work, when I can spend a moment in the garden, weeding and watering the plants. 539 more words

Generation 2

Chapter 23

Luca nagged about wanting to go to Art School so I sent off some off his work and filled in the Application form and he was accepted. 157 more words

Random Town Jump

15. Great Losses

I guess at some point we all have to experience a great loss in our lives, whether it be someone we love or something very important to us. 712 more words

Generation 2

Phoebe. 2. Forbidden Fruit

Hello and welcome to spring. The season of love, flowers and fruit.


Seti moved out and later married Evelyn Morgan, Kent’s ex.
There were parties a plenty. 1,602 more words

Generation 1

2.4 Qiūtiān ~ Yīgè xīn de yīng'ér

Autumn ~ A New Baby

Telling maman and papa about my pregnancy went about as well as expected. They were both happy for me and started rubbing my belly (weird). 2,251 more words