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When grandmas go viral

Grandmas smoking weed for the first time was a big hit on the internet this week. Cut Video gathered three grandmothers, former suburban housewives, who had yet to try weed and put them in front of a camera for their first-time. 80 more words

Advertising Design

Once Upon A Time ---

Today while multitasking [ i.e facebooking, tweeting, instagramming, soundclouding in my room] i received a forward text from a friend. I just gave it a rough look and scrolled down fastly the word ” families” passed by my eyes which caught my attention so i scrolled it up again and started reading the text. 183 more words

Embracing the generation gap

They’re barriers : mangled, twisted.
Confused as they advise us.
I’m trying to make sense of,
The worlds that they claim spite us.

We’re kinda weird and freaky. 45 more words


Generation Gap?

     I just finished crocheting a scarf because I’m an old lady (obviously I’m not but who crochets anymore?) and have insomnia. While making said scarf, I needed something in the background so I went to youtube and scrolled through popular music videos. 208 more words


Millennial small biz owners more optimistic than older generations

Young small business owners are far more optimistic than their older counterparts and more convinced that they are tech savvy, according to two recent surveys. 593 more words