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(this should be a brief one, for once)

I was subbing a class on Thursday–eighth grade American history–when, for whatever reason, a student needed to know the definition of the word “lurid.”  They were doing a project on George Washington, arguably the least lurid man ever to be called president, so I don’t know how it came up, but it did.  376 more words

Waning Christendom

In Defense of My Generation

Being the youngest person in the office leads to some awkward moments for me. The next youngest person is 10 years my senior, so there’s a bit of a generation gap. 811 more words

GYAN 105 :

Every generation is a bit more smarter  and   a bit less happier than the previous one.

Not Like My Parents

“If youth only new; if age only could.” — Henri Estienne

When I was a kid, I swore I’d never turn into my parents. They despised rock-n-roll; they wouldn’t let me watch TV on weeknights; they seemed like old fuddy-duddies. 738 more words

Society & Culture

Communication Breakdown - Not Good

A few weeks ago I offered up a bit of praise to one of our junior tennis players during our High Performance Clinic. What she had done wasn’t really an athletic feat, but she had managed to stack an unbelievably large amount of tennis balls on her racket while we were in the process of picking up. 266 more words

Mark My Words

The Generation Gap, Music Version

Last month I wrote this (long) Facebook status:

There’s a 9 year age difference between me and Dave, although I rarely notice. It really shows up, though, when it comes to music. 825 more words


Role Reversal

Today’s writing prompt:

Role reversal.

Apologies for the lack of prompts over the past week . . . I’ve been caught up with some of life’s ups and downs!