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Women Against Women Against Feminism

This morning, thanks to The Today Show, I became aware of a phenomenon called “Women Against Feminism”. I am amazed that this is a real thing. 817 more words


There is an anxiety among people my age where they have this realization of “Damn, I’m in my twenties,” quickly followed by “This is not how I anticipated my twenties to be like.” The stress about pursuing higher education, worrying about how they’re going to pay off the debt that they’ve amassed, and finding jobs that pay well enough so that they can get what they need (but forget about about what they want), are all things that are lowering the quality of life they expected at this time in their life. 249 more words

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Im sorry what?

My new job what can i say it sucks, but at the end of the day it pays the bills.  When headed out to my work place i pictured the in 90’s sitcom version of work where the women become bosom buddies and we meet for girls night once a month you know high school 4.0 Unfortunatly that is not the case not only is there no potluck Thursdays, there is a generational gap that makes more than the most basic communication difficult. 151 more words


Romeo and Juliet - in academia?

The internet is like a giant self-help handbook, and generally I read sections on “Why life sucks for a young scientists and what you can do about it” 1,232 more words

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A Letter

It always feels as though there is nothing I can do. I feel helpless searching for the words that I need to help you feel better. 385 more words


give me happy or give me hell

You delivered food to my door. Our eyes never met. You read the receipt. “The total is $33.06.”

I gave you $40 in bills, and then handed you just over $2 in change as I asked for a $5 back. 489 more words