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The Brass Tacks

My husband had been working a very well paying, but temporary job.  We were in a house of our own after having had to live with family for nearly a year due to having lost his previous job.   640 more words


Lead Us Not Into ... Distraction

The topic of distractions came up this weekend.  The boys were home from university for the holiday weekend, but although they were here at home, they seemed constantly distracted by their studies.   288 more words


A Generation Gap Filled

My generation (30ish-year-olds) is currently experiencing a pretty unique opportunity to bond with our children. Over the past few years we’ve been living through a total reboot of our childhoods. 472 more words


Saturday Morning Cartoons

My Dad has recently informed me that there are no longer Saturday morning cartoons on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX or the CW… Like, none. They are gone. 527 more words

Fighting the generation gap

We have all heard the term “generation gap,” but what exactly does it mean to us? How do we apply what we know about the gap to help us relate to people across what, at times, feels more like the Grand Canyon than a gap? 438 more words


Time Turner

“I hate going to the bank.” Dada flopped into a chair and thumped his bag on the bed. He looked beaten, my grandfather did.

“Even though you get to see the stashes of notes you have hidden away in your account?” 503 more words

Emotional Who Me?

Walker Wednesdays: Obama!

—In this section I will attempt to take a public issue that I find interesting and lend my opinionated perspective to it. I would like to promise that there will be a post every week, but I am not nearly that naive as to believe that life won’t put some road blocks in my way, so bear with me if a Wednesday should come and no post appears!— 1,602 more words

Generation X