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Generation We and Working With Their Hands

While scanning my Twitter feed, I ran across this article re-tweeted by HootSuite concerning Millennials and the social media skills they lack. I had not heard the Millennials referred to as Generation We or Generation Me but I find that it is an accurate description. 268 more words


I have an age, but I am not my age

Story by Mary Heberling

I am of the millennial generation.  Also known as Generations Y, we are the next largest generation behind the baby boomers. 516 more words

Tasting Faith

My Generation

This young adult land that we live in. The phrase ‘generation me’ is from a book by Jean Twinge, but it echoes true to this day. 243 more words


Sweet Dreams: A Eulogy for Generation ME

It’s been a strange week for me: both uplifting and depressing. The air is heavy with the promise of spring, the windows open, and my imagination fired up by the rejuvenation of life, the earth rising up phoenix-like from the snow and death of winter. 3,059 more words

Personal Essays

The New Happily Ever After

Years ago, actually not as long ago as one might hope, there was a time when the biggest opportunity a woman could receive in her life was the offer of marriage from a successful, decent looking guy. 588 more words

Generation Hackney - Investing in our future

By Yousif Farah

Youth re-offending is one of many problems we are faced with as a society. Not many realize the gravity of the problem or its ramifications on our generation – or future generations for that matter. 488 more words

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