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Just dumped scalding hot water on myself to raise money for Attention Dependency Disorder

…hope this clever quip gets me some likes, shares and, y’know, attention. Look at me!!!

PS: I’m not being all that ironic here…I really do want the attention. Because honesty. 


Middle Aged "Entitlement" versus Twenty Something "Entitlement"

The big 5-0 is just two months away for me. Yikes. I look in the mirror every day and count the number of new wrinkles, notice how my eyelids droop a little more, check for sun spots that have turned into suspicious moles, etc. 618 more words

When did it all change?

How did our society become like this? Everyone became so self centered and honestly lazy. Society tells us if you’re not under 110lbs you’re fat, if you are not over 6ft and ripped your ugly. 300 more words

Pennies Of Innocence

I had the bricks,
The cement, the dirt,
The flirt, the right things
To say, the sun to fade away,
In my mind is a castle, 167 more words


Why it’s all about me ‘Me’

Welcome to the reign of “Generation Me.” Now in order to understand our foundations, motivations, and why we take so many damn selfie’s, let’s take a quick stroll down memory lane to understand the evolution of the realities of our generation and what the hell it all means. 852 more words

Philosophizing FOMO