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The Meaning of Russell Brand

Rather than being a well-schooled lefty having grown up around party conferences, meetings, socialist organisation and ideas etc (I’m thinking of perhaps Owen Jones, all credit to him) Russell Brand represents more clearly the kind of political journey that many “young” people (bit of a shorthand as Brand is himself 41 and his fans are as likely to be in their thirties as their twenties) have been on. 382 more words

Problematising Generation Rent By Kim McKee (University of St Andrews) and Tom Moore (University of Sheffield)

‘Generation rent’ is a term that has been popularised by the media, social commentators and housing campaigners, referring to the phenomena whereby young people are excluded from homeownership and spend longer periods of their lives in the private rented sector. 1,038 more words

Asset-based Welfare

Evening Standard Letter

Got a letter in the Standard today about the latest sorry episode in our politicians’ abject failure on housing.  In case you didn’t see it or can’t read the photo, this is what it says (with thanks to my co-signatories – Rebecca Winson (GMB Young London), Rastko Novakovic (BECTU), Gleen McMahon (Tower Hamlets Renters), Eileen Short (Defend Council Housing), Alex Hilton (Generation Rent), Jacob Wills (Digs Hackney Renters) 225 more words

Britain's Renters Let Down By Two MPs

JUST IN: It's outrageous that two MPs obstructed a Bill with cross-party support to end #revengeevictions. http://t.co/gWbnOMPos1

(@Shelter) November 28, 2014


Renting in England sucks.

Over the last few weeks, I felt so fed up at my current lettings agent that I am aggrieved enough to write this up on my blog. 2,448 more words


Generation Rent

Alleviating poverty is a good idea. Eradicating it is a better idea, but you need some relatively poor people to be able to put on the minimum wage jobs, and blame for society’s ills. 884 more words


Generation Rent, Living at Home and the Grey Vote

There is a great deal of fuss being made about something called ‘Generation Rent’. This, it seems, represents a whole generation ‘doomed’ to live in rented accommodation and never own their own home. 699 more words