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“At sunrise everything is luminous but not clear” Norman Maclean

“Happy Birthday Min”, was my morning greeting as we headed out to capture his birthday sunrise. 999 more words

Generation X (Radio Show) - Music For The Jilted Generation 20th Anniversary Tribute

An ‘emotional’ and energetic 140 min’ tribute celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Prodigy’s “Music for the Jilted Generation” featuring Albums tracks/b-sides/fanmixes and live tunes played out during early & late period of Jilted era. 278 more words


Origins of Saggin

Truth Seekers!!! I have been absent for sometime due to work and a lack of internet access but now, I am back!! And today I am compelled to touch basis on the delicate subject of generation X and their fascination with inappropriate fashions(pants sagging below ones ass). 621 more words

Forever 41: A Company Prospectus

Our Vision

Forever 41 is a clothing and lifestyle retailer for people who grew up in the eighties wishing they were growing up in the sixties and are glad they aren’t growing up now. 587 more words


Plurals: A New Generation

I’ve always been interested in the concept of generations. Loosely defined by an age range with a distinct set of attitudes and values, each generation is given a name. 351 more words


How Do You Ship?

I’ve been thinking about my generation’s (Generation X) slang terms. As I recall, we would take already-existing words and change their meanings. Examples: radical, bad, cool… 117 more words

Reflections of a Digital Immigrant

As a digital immigrant I am one of those arrivals who take the citizenship oath misty eyed and with a lump in their throat. I plunge myself into the yearly national celebrations with a patriotic fervour that leaves the natives far behind. 1,011 more words