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Wealth and America: Truck Drivers have it Better than PhD's

First, an interesting look as what ‘wealth’ actually means. To quote E (albeit borrowed from the situation in Turkey) “Nobody makes money without money”, or real wealth doesn’t accumulate from salaried positions or honest time-invested work. 545 more words

don't even think about it

don’t even think about it

(1990’s | journalese (politics) | “let’s nip this in the bud,” “don’t be a fool,” “forget it,” “watch it!”)

I’m often left wondering how reliable LexisNexis really is, and the question is particularly pertinent to this week’s inquiry. 593 more words


Superunknown, A Rant In The Key Of Grunge

It’s a horrible, morbid, and superunknown thought that I know so many people my age think; maybe Kurt Cobain saw the future and that’s why he took the easy way out. 750 more words

Writing Exercise


I came across another awesome Millennial centered article on one of my favorite sites R29, it’s a list of ammunition we Millennial’s can use to defend ourselves against the ever loving generations whom are just loving the sport of the day; Millennial-Bashing. 627 more words


Generation X - The Sandwich Generation

Societies evolve as generations age and the zeitgeist shifts to reflect innovation and cultural change. At any given time in history, one generation is bridging a gap for another towards a common future. 311 more words


Song of the Day, October 22: Dancing With Myself by Billy Idol

Today’s song is Billy Idol’s Dancing With Myself. He wrote it with bassist Tony James while they were both part of the punk band Generation X. 165 more words

Song Of The Day

Walker Wednesdays: Gamergate

—In this section I will attempt to take a public issue that I find interesting and lend my opinionated perspective to it. I would like to promise that there will be a post every week, but I am not nearly that naive as to believe that life won’t put some road blocks in my way, so bear with me if a Wednesday should come and no post appears!— 1,209 more words