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Leave Me Dancing With Myself

Here’s a tune that cheered me up immensely on my commute home tonight.  Sitting there morosely with my pod on shuffle and the book I’m reading still sitting on my desk back at work, all seemed as grey and dull as the weather.  478 more words


Exhausted,.... Space Monkeys?

I’ve been sick for a few days and I’m finally about to crash & burn. I can barely focus on much for longer than five minutes and am tired all the time. 198 more words

ACoN Entries

Generation X: Valley of the Dolls / Shakin' All Over

Format: 7″
Label: Chrysalis (CHS 2310)
Country: UK
Year: 1979
Price paid: $4
Purchased at: The Bop Shop, Rochester NY



In the valley of the dolls skank girls shanking…

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Dark Fantasy, Dystopia, Optimism, and Generational Shifts

For some time now — although I believe (and hope) that the trend is reversing — science fiction and fantasy storytelling have trended towards darkness. Dystopia, post-apocalyptic visions, and fantasy featuring anti-heroes and non-heroes have predominated. 1,432 more words


The Swiffer and IKEA Generation

My grandparents had lovely, hand-crafted, European furniture. It was quite an investment – one which they carefully preserved. Their couches were covered with a durable plastic that prevented stains while also maintaining the filling of the cushions. 1,119 more words

Baby Boomers

The Rise And Fall Of Grunge Typography

Hop on the nostalgia train for a second. Think back to the 90s. To Nirvana, Linklater’s Slacker, and the flannel-clad rebels on the run from the 80s.

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Why It's Okay To Mourn Robin Williams

I know, that in this day and age, guilt takes over when we let the Kardashians take over our Sunday afternoon instead of spending time donating to breast cancer research or volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. 1,279 more words


Kristen Chapman Gibbons reblogged this on Big Blue Dot Y'all and commented:

Perfect. My wonderful Papa died the same day. I mourn. I celebrate. But, this...THIS is my new mantra: "Art is essential. Compassion is key. Laughter is medicine." In praise of noble, fully human and kind men...you both raised me well.