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Gen X-ers. How did we do it??

I saw this picture this morning and 2 things came to mind:

1) Wow I’m really getting fucking old!
2) Those were the days :-)


Baby Boomers, I Need to Vent

Okay, at the risk of pissing a bunch of people off, I am just going to say it!  It is my firm belief that the baby boomer generation ruined this country. 155 more words

Mac's Hop Rocker (NZ)

My first beer in New Zealand for 25 years came complete with stunning views of the cloud-draped mountains above beautiful Kaikoura. With a name like ‘Hop Rocker’, I was expecting a fruity pale ale (having ordered from the menu rather than from the bar of the Pier Hotel) so was a little surprised when a pint of what turned out to be a pilsner arrived. 127 more words


Problems With The Newest Generation(s)

I’m categorized as a Generation Y/Millennium child, which looking at my fellow peers makes me kind of disappointed to be viewed as a part of this less than mediocre generation. 1,323 more words


5 Ways Millennials Are Changing the Workforce (via SHAPE)

This morning between my cup of coffee and working on statistics, I squeezed in a read from a LinkedIn article that a connection of mine shared. 276 more words

Twenty-five Years of Nothing

On the eve of my 25-year college reunion, something struck me in a recent article in the Washington Post, something that made me take notice: 295 more words


The journey before the journey begins

This introductory blog entry represents the beginning of the end for this young couple’s traditional way of living.

By writing this blog post, this 20-something journalist and his 30-something girlfriend are hence forth committed to transitioning to full-time life on the road—or fulltiming, for folks up on the lingo. 222 more words