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Why we Gen X/Yer's need to get over the Baby Boomers' errors, and quickly

A recent study listed the seven things the middle class can no longer afford, including dental work, medical care, new cars, and retirement savings.  Most of this stuff has become unaffordable to Gen X/Yers and, consequently, has us blaming the Baby Boomer generation, accusing them of mass selfishness and vapidity.  1,076 more words

Millenials expect to rely on work income during retirement

Personal savings and income from work will become increasingly important to future retirees.

Working in retirement is likely to become even more commonplace as Generation Xers and Millennials eventually head toward their retirement years.

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Jobs After College

Gen X as a Target Customer - Part Two | Lydia Mehit

Continuing our discussion of Generation X as our target consumer, we have gathered a variety of facts about our subjects and now need to use those facts to answer the following questions. 1,477 more words

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Generation X

Our brief look at the Generations that make up our selling and now growing more importantly, our buying consumers, continues this week with Generation X. 174 more words

2014 Vice President

The Watcher

Note: So there was this really creepy tree..

The Watcher

Bitter tree limbs
grow out of the dry, cracked Earth,
barren from the summer heat. 26 more words


Wealth and America: Truck Drivers have it Better than PhD's

First, an interesting look as what ‘wealth’ actually means. To quote E (albeit borrowed from the situation in Turkey) “Nobody makes money without money”, or real wealth doesn’t accumulate from salaried positions or honest time-invested work. 545 more words

don't even think about it

don’t even think about it

(1990’s | journalese (politics) | “let’s nip this in the bud,” “don’t be a fool,” “forget it,” “watch it!”)

I’m often left wondering how reliable LexisNexis really is, and the question is particularly pertinent to this week’s inquiry. 593 more words