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Insanity of Baby Boomers

Anyone born in Generation X and Y will at some point remember the day they woke-up to realise their parents and their parents entire generation ruined everything for everyone. 563 more words


5 Top Techniques for Engaging a Generationally Diverse Workforce

The other day I was having a discussion with someone who is more than 20 years my senior. He remarked how complex and difficult business and life has become. 1,059 more words

Learning And Development

The Generational Divide.

It’s quite odd being the “old” guy in conversations.  I used to think of my late father and his generation as the “old guys.”  They would talk endlessly about how lazy and nonproductive my generation was.   214 more words

Baby Boomer

Retro throwbacks can learn a lot from Regular Show's treatment of nostalgia

Regular Show is like Clerks for kids, and I am always surprised by how clever its writing is. Like a lot of Nickelodeon’s output in the mid-to-late nineties it appeals on two totally different levels, often simultaneously, to capture the hearts of the kids and the minds of (often) their parents.   636 more words

Opinions And Hearsay

Dating vs. Hooking Up - the Millennial Debate!

We’ll get back to our regularly scheduled adventures into my juvenile past soon enough. Unlike the narrators from “THE WONDER YEARS” or “HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER”, I don’t recall every instance which happened in my life in robotic detail nor do I have enough such moments to fill seven plus seasons of network TV. 1,757 more words

I Was Wrong

Maybe that’s too strong a statement. Perhaps I was merely incorrect, or misinformed…no, I was wrong.

In a prior post, I stated that there were tremendous differences in how my daughter (and her peers) use their mobile devices and how people like me (who are old enough to be their parents) use our mobile devices. 74 more words

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