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On Wanting a Job

I have worked every year since I was 14.

I remember other friends would go on fancy trips, some would keep going to their beloved camps, and some would just hang out doing nothing. 608 more words

Sam O'Skagan

Breakfast with a Millennial

One of my favourite parts of the Easter holiday is connecting with extended members of my family that I don’t get to see very often. This year, I was lucky enough to spend time with my baby cousin, Darcy. 952 more words



I don’t know anybody who’s happy.

That’s not to say I hang around with depressed, angry people; not exclusively anyway. The disaffected posers that defined the early years of Generation X have become the middle-management, mulch- laying, uptight suburb dwellers of today. 195 more words

Back in the 90s

I fell smitten with every young man who remotely resembled and behaved like the mysterious Jordan Catalano and crushed from afar in Angela fashion. My so-called life was my guilty pleasure, but it did not end there in my small Kansas town. 474 more words


It's The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown!

Here are some choice clips from the 1974 classic animated special.

Peppermint Patty and Marcie


Easter Beagle indeed…


GenXer’s Rant for Independence

I am part of Generation X. My parents were born in 1946, the quintessential Baby Boomers. All my life I have heard about the Greatest Generation and the Baby Boomers and all they accomplished. 849 more words


Generation selfish?

Not too long ago, I had posted about the selfie and how I believe it is the gateway to narcissism. Since then, people’s “selfie-game”, as one might put it, seems to be on point. 529 more words