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Missed It

The entire week absconded. Time has a way of doing that. Getting away from me is easy to do. A moment will slip, an hour will run, a day will vanish. 1,098 more words

To Make It To The Top You Have To Start At the Bottom...

I was born in 1984 which makes me a member of the Generation X, or possibly a member of the Millennial generation.  In a world filled with instant gratification, many members of these generations think they should be running the company their first day on the job.   245 more words


9-11 in one word

Yesterday my daughter had an assignment for social studies… to come home and ask a parent to describe 9-11 in one word. It was hard to think of one that would offer more meaning than horrible, scary or sad. 284 more words

Generation X

Generation 'Share'

Not too long ago you’ll remember we published a blog about Generation ‘Z’ and how they are mad tech-entrepreneurs and probably the smartest generation of recent. 287 more words


15) Marcia, Marcia, Marcia -- Gen-X Is Jan Brady

If Gen X is truly the middle child, then many anecdotes about our generation can be found on The Brady Bunch, specifically in the character of middle child, Jan Brady. 600 more words

Gen-X Culture

What’s Next, Gen X?

Stuck behind a large generation of Boomer leaders, challenged by an eager generation of Millennial whiz kids, and facing the tough mid-career years, Generation X faces a multitude of challenges in the workplace. 421 more words

Book Summaries

Study: Millennials Less Trusting Than Gen X Was

CHICAGO (AP) – They’re often pegged as the civic-minded, do-gooding generation. But while they’re still optimistic about their own personal prospects, a new study finds that today’s youth are often more skeptical of the country’s institutions than the young generations that preceded them. 1,188 more words