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From Mumbai, with love

Shivanee Patiyal, 3rd year, EE.

 I stood there, drenched in the never-ending rain and the strong wind almost pushing me off my feet. My hair whipped me in the face and the cool wind gave me goose bumps. 623 more words


Just this one

Isha Gupta, 3rd year, EE.

“Late! Late! Late!”… thought Julia. She was perfectly on time but the habit of being a perfectionist always got the better of her. 503 more words


Drifter Diaries- Khan Market

- Aradhana Gahlaut, 2nd year, ENE

…(will follow shortly)…

Know Your Dilli

Where? Khan Market

Nearest Metro Station? Khan Market Station, Violet Line

What about it? 363 more words


Young at Work

Let’s take a look at what it’s like to be a young person, working and living in today’s society.

Did you know that due to high housing prices and unemployment rates, the percentage of young adults living at home grew a staggering 25% since 1996? 1,259 more words


Generation Y

We are but bodies

and limbs strewn about carelessly,

our souls wrapped around cigarettes

who watch the sun and the sea and our life

and our dreams all melt into insignificance and stagnant puddles… 21 more words

What Now? How the Generation-Y will win

I hate my age in the work place. Simply hate it! Experience is extremely valuable yet I strongly believe time has nothing to do with it’s worth. 689 more words

Generation Y