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The stigmatisation of generation Y as the "Doofus generation" (Dalton, 2009)

Amy Atkins
Seminar Paper Week 4

The stigmatisation of generation Y as the “Doofus generation” (Dalton, 2009)

In his book “the Good Citizen” Dalton (2009) explains that criticising the politics of the young has been a long tradition, but it has taken on a new intensity in the current discourse on citizenship. 817 more words


We're Not Lost, We're Gen Y

“Gen·er·a·tion Y: noun; the generation born in the 1980s and 1990s, comprising primarily the children of the baby boomers and typically perceived as increasingly familiar with digital and electronic technology.”

724 more words

How to Be an Awesome Young Manager

How to Be an Awesome Young Manager

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You may have been promoted to a managerial position younger than you expected.   821 more words


THE KILLING WAGE is now available

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This a free e-book comprised of 12 brand new poems that center on the fallout of the 2008 recession, its effects on the millennial generation, and the systematic death of the middle class. 93 more words


Conservatism Is The New Punk Rock

For TownHall.com,  Kurt Schlichter writes: Conservatism is the Ramones at CBGB – loud, fast and alive. In contrast, liberalism is the headliner at a state fair concert. 542 more words


5 Reasons Why I am Totally Not Cut Out for Corporate America

As I write this article, I am sitting at a desk- a large desk actually, full of stacks of correspondence and pleadings just waiting to be filed in their respective folders. 1,456 more words

Sweet Monday Post – Entitlement of Y generation

As there are many temperaments. Personalities within temperament type. Habits and thought processes within personality types. Needs, wants and preferences to though. And many more individual situations that allude every typology. 348 more words