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Twerking, Dating & ISIS: Life At Elite Daily

Elite Daily, an online news platform “for and by millennials,” with tens of millions of unique views each month, calls itself “The Voice of Generation Y.” Dena Takruri of AJ+ visits its headquarters in New York City to find out how a site featuring pieces like “Your Yoga Pants Can Actually Give You Butt Acne” and “What Your Favorite Alcohols Would Look Like If They Were On Tinder” can speak so well to the millennial (18-34) generation.


3 Biggest Stereotypes About 18-34 Year-Olds

The media loves to give 18-34 year-olds (aka “millennials”) a lot of bad names – lazy, self-absorbed and needy, to name a few. But they’ve got it all wrong! 8 more words


jingle bellin' on a budget

Jiminy Christmas! You mean to tell me Christmas is almost here?! Why, yes…I too couldn’t believe it as I realized Thanksgiving is just a mere one week away. 737 more words


Millennials Must Work to Close Gender Gap

The millennial generation is known for its diversity, its liberal ideals and its support for same-sex marriage.  And yet gender inequality still persists among millennials in the job market. 519 more words


Millennial Advocate: Money VS. Time

I find that much of my inspiration comes to me at two or three in the morning when I am unable to sleep. Therefore, I discovered that the best sleep therapy for me was to record these sleepless thoughts. 491 more words


Young and Wired

Mom and Dad can never turn on the damn DVD player.

“I just want to watch my John Wayne movie,” my Mama says, “but the screen keeps saying… 576 more words


Using Millennials to Help Create Contagion

BY: Susan Whitson Bagley

I was recently asked the following questions and below are my thoughts on the answer using the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge as my example. 327 more words