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The New House Model

Let’s face it, Generation Y should be called Generation Crisis.

The cost of living is one of the biggest problems young people have to face it these days. 134 more words


It takes so much courage to grow up in the 21st century

“That doesn’t make sense, you don’t really have a choice.”

Except that you most definitely do have the choice.
You get to choose on if you will live right now. 484 more words

Generation Y lead digital innovation but are failed by firms

Millennials, or Generation Y, are one of the most entrepreneurial generations to join the workforce, according to research from consulting firm EY, with 68 percent of 25-34 year olds aspiring to run their own business. 60 more words

Business Professionals

Let's Talk: Media Literacy

Being a part of Generation Y, I cannot think of a time that technology was not a part of my life. I remember playing games on my father’s Nokia brick, practicing my typing skills on Type to Learn, and making text fly in and dissolve out in PowerPoint — all within the first five years of my primary education. 290 more words


Workforce Development = More Cuts? ... We will have to wait and see

Last week (Jan 13th, 2015) the Federal Government announced that it opened up it’s latest audit in to the aged care industry (yay!). Looking into the developing an aged care workforce strategy of it’s own (more yay!). 226 more words

Aged Care

Kids today are so entitled...

Entitled to our support, entitled to dream, entitled to be themselves. I hear too often that this generation is spoiled or lazy, or entitled.  I have to disagree. 244 more words