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Marketing: How to Sell Experiences - Businessweek

Republic Bike has involved clients in designing the bicycles they order since it opened in 2008. A growing number of customers don’t want just to order bespoke bikes; they want to learn how to build them as well.

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Generation X should be excited to hire Millennials

Millennials, or ‘Generation Y’ as we’re sometimes called, have gotten a pretty bad rap when it comes to the workplace. It’s been said that we are lazy, that we expect everything to be handed to us and that we don’t have a good work ethic. 545 more words


Crafting the Millennial Narrative: Nightcrawler and Sociopathy by Proxy

“On TV it looks so real…”

spoilers abound for the 2014 film Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler‘s Lou Bloom (Jake Gyllenhall) is a man without morals. Proactive in all of the worst possible ways; assaulting security guards and stealing their possessions, cutting down copper wire and chain link fences to sell for pennies on the dollar, cutting bike locks and hawking stolen goods to pawn shops.

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Access over ownership.

Consumers throughout the Western world are seeking greater value from products and services, and redefining their relationship with ‘stuff.’ And with flourishing online communities engaging with the concept of access over ownership, the internet is emerging as a robust platform for sharing models to grow and thrive. 250 more words


Twerking, Dating & ISIS: Life At Elite Daily

Elite Daily, an online news platform “for and by millennials,” with tens of millions of unique views each month, calls itself “The Voice of Generation Y.” Dena Takruri of AJ+ visits its headquarters in New York City to find out how a site featuring pieces like “Your Yoga Pants Can Actually Give You Butt Acne” and “What Your Favorite Alcohols Would Look Like If They Were On Tinder” can speak so well to the millennial (18-34) generation.


3 Biggest Stereotypes About 18-34 Year-Olds

The media loves to give 18-34 year-olds (aka “millennials”) a lot of bad names – lazy, self-absorbed and needy, to name a few. But they’ve got it all wrong! 8 more words


jingle bellin' on a budget

Jiminy Christmas! You mean to tell me Christmas is almost here?! Why, yes…I too couldn’t believe it as I realized Thanksgiving is just a mere one week away. 737 more words