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Millennial? Don't expect a state pension.

Hahahahaha, Ponzi schemes.

A report published this week signalled a grave financial future for young Britons.

It claimed that the pot of money the Government uses to fund state pensions will run out 20 years earlier than expected.

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What makes the Movember movement so successful?

TORONTO – During Movember—or the month previously known as November—thousands of men across the country will start clean-shaven and grow their moustaches for 30 days, getting friends, family and colleagues to join their team and donate to their Mo-growing efforts. 733 more words


Why we Gen X/Yer's need to get over the Baby Boomers' errors, and quickly

A recent study listed the seven things the middle class can no longer afford, including dental work, medical care, new cars, and retirement savings.  Most of this stuff has become unaffordable to Gen X/Yers and, consequently, has us blaming the Baby Boomer generation, accusing them of mass selfishness and vapidity.  1,076 more words

Generation-Y aiming for a greener future

Although the Generation-Y is said to be apathetic, lazy and self-centred many young people such as Brittany Packer that are taking action in order to make a change and to lead the young generation into a greener future. 196 more words


5 Ways to Turn Millennials off at Work

Promoting a healthy and sustainable work culture is more important now than ever. With the infusion of multiple generations in the workplace, it is almost unavoidable to face the different values and opinions among employees. 905 more words


Do We Care About Mcdonals Home Delivery?

Apparently we no longer care enough to drag our drunken, hungry selves to our local mcdonals anymore. And we no longer have to.

Delivery services for Mcdonals have been popping up in Sydney of late-with Waterloo, Surry Hills and Redfern privy to at home service via online portal menulog.com. 48 more words

Generation Y

To vote or not to vote. For Gen Y, there should be no question.

I’m all for your average damn-the-man mantra. And I support those who rail against oppressive and dirty governmental regimes. You want a (non violent) revolution, let’s do this! 726 more words