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THE GAME: Imagine three generations of supposedly ‘tech savvy’ people living under the same roof. Now, guess who knows more?

Participants: Jenny Jurkovic (48) & Loren Jurkovic (15)

  1. What is technology to you?
  2. How does it change the way you interact?
  3. Is technology just the Internet?
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Transformers Generations: Waspinator (IDW Comic Pack) by Hasbro

It’s Transformers Thursday again and I’m still chipping away at my last wave of IDW Comic Packs. There were two figures in this wave that I was really excited to get: The first was… 1,172 more words

A Foolproof Plan for Connecting with Your Multigenerational Workforce

How do you effectively communicate to four wildly different generations working side-by-side? Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and Generation Y/Millennials – and, in a few years, a fifth (the “Post-Millennials”) all offer a marvelous, eclectic mix of knowledge and capabilities. 611 more words

Human Resources

Which Generation do you Belong in?

Recently, a few co-workers have asked about generations in the workplace. The topic of generations has always fascinated me because each generation has its own unique personality and work preferences! 52 more words


Faded Memory

We stitch together the tattered timeline in our lives with the frayed thread of memory. Sometimes I think I’ve got the stitches of memories just about where they should be, but then I find another scrap of recollection that was supposed to fold into this sequence or that, and I’m pulling at the stitches and changing things around again. 618 more words


Just Better . . .

If I want to do anything, it’s just that I want to make things better than they are right now. If I want to be anything, it’s just that I want to be better than I am right now. 41 more words


Walker Wednesdays: Gamergate

—In this section I will attempt to take a public issue that I find interesting and lend my opinionated perspective to it. I would like to promise that there will be a post every week, but I am not nearly that naive as to believe that life won’t put some road blocks in my way, so bear with me if a Wednesday should come and no post appears!— 1,209 more words