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Three generations

This is my mulberry tree. She is big and tall and her leaves are large and her fruit is great.
Dad planted the tree when Mum was pregnant with me – she was craving mulberries – and despite receiving little care over the last 29 years, she has really flourished. 353 more words


Three That Change (2014)

1. Technology.

2. Fashion.

3. Much more over time.


And so it went-

That each generations saw different.


Wise Wisdom

At times, we stay up all night with our mind whirling with issues that need a wise solution (Ecclesiastes 2:23). Solomon, the wisest man in the world, realized that following the world’s wisdom is like following the wind (Ecclesiastes 1:17). 317 more words

Union With Christ

Beauty of Philosophy

David Son

In our discussion today, we learned that Descartes made a mistake by separating the “I” and the body. It was surprising for me because even the great mind could make a mistake when he dealt with a false problem. 166 more words


History, that pile of dirt
First swept clean then
Deliberately mangled
Presented as truth.
We believe we know
Who we are until
The stranger comes to… 29 more words


Just when you thought it was safe.....the grumpy old dinosaurs strike back!

I think really I’ve had enough.

Whilst I have a lot of time for Gen Y, the millenials, the digital natives, or whatever current tag they go by these days, sometimes its like people my age are just going to bide their time, tread water, and make way for these future leaders of industry, and quietly stand aside without a murmur. 466 more words


We are parked at my Cousin David Moore’s get-a-way camp. His wife Melissa took me on a first adventure, canoeing on Lake Kokanee in the morning. 1,135 more words