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8 Reviews of Hanukkah Night 4: Transformers Generations Jetfire!!!

On the fourth night of Hanukkah, Starscreamer reviewed for me…Transformers Generations Jetifire! No, this isn’t a 3rd part, nor is it a Macross toy in homage colors, oh no…this is an ACTUAL Hasbro release! 528 more words


Generations~The Hill Family

Back a couple of months ago I photographed The Hill Family. This family is so sweet, the mom crafty like me and the dad all man, like my husband and 3 kids just like my family. 54 more words


Joy On Friday: Gifts (By Donna Vander Griend)

Note from Donna: The following chapter is taken from a book I wrote a few years ago when, as relatively amateur grandparents, my husband and I were navigating through the gift-giving process. 784 more words

Travel During the Holidays

There’s nothing like taking a well-deserved vacation during the holiday season.  Relaxing. Enjoying time with loved ones.  Reflecting on past memories.  Soaking it all in…. 748 more words


Three From The Past (2013)

1. Toys.
2. Tradition.
3. Recipes.
To take a step back when-
Other generations were cooking in the kitchen.


Problems With The Newest Generation(s)

I’m categorized as a Generation Y/Millennium child, which looking at my fellow peers makes me kind of disappointed to be viewed as a part of this less than mediocre generation. 1,323 more words


Prayer prompt for Thursday, Dec. 18

Psalm 79 mentions praising God from one generation to the next. What image are we painting for our kids & grandkids about God’s goodness?