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Active Generations band "Kazukes" grows in Sioux Falls

Active Generations band “Kazukes” grows in Sioux Falls SIOUX FALLS What happens when you cross a kazoo and a ukelele? An Active Generations band in Sioux Falls, of course. 114 more words

Dear Baby Boomers.

I would like to issue an apology. We’re sorry about this page and how it enables our apathy toward current events. You guys should teach us how to live. 21 more words


Joy on Friday: Walkers, Wheelchairs And Canes (By Donna Vander Griend)

Last Sunday we visited a church in another state. After being greeted at the entrance as newcomers, an unusual scene met our sight in the foyer: a long row of walkers. 615 more words

The impact of Internet and technology

By Amanda Reilly

Internet and technology are said to have ruined our country and younger generations in multiple ways. It is also said that if it wasn’t for internet and technology, our country and youth wouldn’t be close to having the amazing things we do now. 255 more words


Yak Pak Week of November 1st – 7th

Lot and Abram Divide the Land

Our hope is for our kids to know that: God wants us to put others first

Key Verse:
“Do to others as you would have them do to you” 324 more words

Mum's birthday, 2002.

Mum was staying with us for the weekend, and we’d promised to take her out for a Kentucky.
As she was getting changed, we heard her curse, so tapped on her door and asked what was wrong. 472 more words

My Life

Transformers Generations: Dreadwing (IDW Comic Pack) by Hasbro

Yes, it is indeed Transformers Thursday again and today I’m checking out the last figure I have from the Skids/Goldfire/Waspinator/Dreadwing wave. Dreadwing is a repaint of Stealth Bomber Megatron from what I believe was the last wave of comic packs. 1,192 more words