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Thoughts About Gabriel García Márquez

It’s not everyday when an author’s name becomes a trending topic on Twitter.  However, when that is that case, then there’s often a legitimate reason why.  577 more words


One Hundred Years of Solitude - A Book Review

Snatching time over three days, putting in a humongous amount of labor most of which was spent at holding on the determination to go till the last of the 422 paged novel, i finished Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude. 536 more words


Why I’m Not Worried About the Future

It is my great privilege to count amongst my circle of friends two amazing women in their 20’s. Both of them have incredible futures ahead of them, and I can’t wait to bear witness. 432 more words


Where You Will Find Her

You’d have to look past
the surface of my skin
which the sun has
made itself at home in
and you’d have to ignore
the wisdom highlights I wear… 104 more words

Poems By Me

The Best Way....

As I was preparing to hard boil a few eggs for Easter, I could hear in my head the voices of a few people in my life who hold strong opinions on the best way to complete this particular process.  688 more words


Good Friday to Easter Sunday

We woke up this morning and saw on the calendar it was Good Friday.
Good Friday is the day Christ was crucified for all the sin committed by future generations. 157 more words