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It Was Not Me, It Is Them

A huge issue many people have had is whether or not my generation is obsessed with electronics. I have heard teachers and adults complain about me hundreds of times and how I need to “disconnect”. 291 more words


Aunt Maggie

Today I went to see Aunt Maggie in the residential home.  She is 93 and still kicking.  She told me some more about the stories of how her Grandfather happen to be in the Civil War and lost an eye to the Battle of Shiloh.   693 more words

Another Day In Paradise

Why Americans care more about experiences than possessions

The signifiers of success used to be simple. Own a home (or two) and a car (or two) and voilà! You’ve achieved the American Dream. Ownership, however, is a complicated concept for an increasing number of Americans (this writer and her sister, included)—and not for all the reasons you might think. 1,462 more words

Tranformers: Generations - Windblade

Windblade was a hard lady to track down.  I finally had to breakdown and get her off of Amazon.  I am in the toy hobby for the hunt as much as the toys themselves, but I figured with Windblade being a Fan’s Choice figure, as well as being the rare female Transformer, I should get her while the deal was good.   469 more words


8 Reviews of Hanukkah Night 5: Generations Brainstorm!

On the fifth night of Hanukkah Starscreamer Reviewed for me…Generations Brainstorm! Yes another of Hasbro’s anticipated releases! This time they are taking on not only a figure 3rd parties have now twice tackled, but also the Headmaster gimmick! 513 more words


Merry Christmas to all, part 2

My house is ready. I am ready. Actually, I can hardly wait to once again share Christmas Eve in a tradition that spans decades. My guess is that, after you read this, you might undertand why I love this time of year. 1,049 more words


8 Reviews of Hanukkah Night 4: Transformers Generations Jetfire!!!

On the fourth night of Hanukkah, Starscreamer reviewed for me…Transformers Generations Jetifire! No, this isn’t a 3rd part, nor is it a Macross toy in homage colors, oh no…this is an ACTUAL Hasbro release! 528 more words