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You be you, girl, cause YOLO

Being born on the cusp of the Gen-Y revolution, I’ve always assumed that my pattern of behaviors leads me to act more Gen-X. I’m boring, I don’t care if the org is hierarchical or not (because eventually I’ll work my way to the place where I’m happiest), as long as it’s flexible. 615 more words


Are millennials the new Victorians?

by Michael Barone
January 26, 2015

….One such trend is the better behavior of the young Americans of today compared to those 25 years ago.  107 more words


Generation Sensible?

Editor’s note: This article is written in response to The Independent’s December article ‘Generation Sensible’ – Have students become less wild and more boring?’

‘Generation Sensible’ is definitely not an appropriate description of the university students of today. 390 more words

University Of Essex


A baker. A nurse. A lawyer. A doctor. A teacher. A psychologist. These are things that at some point in my life I thought I’d be. 524 more words


freewrite 3: literacy over time

Growing up, you learn many new things. One main thing, is literacy. When you’re in preschool you learn how to speak and how to formulate words, even if you don’t know what you’re saying. 94 more words


How Meaningful Is Your Work?

How meaningful is your work? How meaningful do you want it to be? In a recent Gallup poll, 70% of people said their work was not meaningful. 415 more words


Motivating a Multigenerational Workforce in the 21st Century

Originally posted on Longnecker & Associates blog.

One of the biggest challenges in companies today is how to successfully motivate employees. No other time in modern history has the corporate landscape been as diverse as it is now with multiple generations coming together in the workplace. 919 more words

Age At Work