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July 24 @ Leviticus 19-21

Leviticus 19-21 (NLT link) 

Discover His heart: He provides for those in need through the generous hearts of those who love Him

@ Leviticus 19… 518 more words

Daily Devotions

You inspire me

A woman approached me today and briefly commented how my e-free summer has inspired her to turn off the TV. She said her family is spending so much more quality time together. 273 more words

Christian Living

Tripping on an angel

What’s in my mind??
Never allow some other person to acquire your heart. Because when someone enters your personal space they will definitely grow stronger and soon it will turn into a possession and turns into an obsession. 16 more words

Feel Inn ; High Onn!

You may think your secrets are particular to you alone, but most likely plenty of other people have the same secret. Don’t assume no one will understand, if you want to tell.

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"Compassion in Action"...be brave, start small, do what you enjoy....


Compassion in Action,
a very encouraging and helpful book
by Ram Dass and Mirabai Bush

A few steps from the book…
steps for getting started on “compassionate service,” 220 more words


Being a little generous

Being pretty and wealthy hit the bucket list of many. Some aspire to become a successful person when they grow up while some do not aspire at all. 342 more words


You Are Creative

The Sun (will and conscience purpose) has returned to Leo, its home. The Sun was welcomed home by Jupiter (search for meaning), and their meeting draws our attention to whatever brings joy, hope, generosity, pleasure, and meaning to our lives. 201 more words

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