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A Genealogy of Nations

Biblical genealogies are not my favorite parts of the Bible. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels that way. They’re full of names that are given once and never really thought of again. 833 more words


And God saw that it was good (Creation Pt. III)

In continuing with my previous two posts on Biblical creation, today I consider the phrase “And God saw that is was good” (NSRV translation) and will concentrated my discussion on the words “saw” and “good.” 651 more words


Nursery Cryme

At their second album Trespass, Genesis found their style, the album was a lot better than their debut, but sort of inconsistent. On their 3.rd album “Nursery Cryme”, they made their first genuine masterpiece, the first in a series of great Genesis albums to come. 153 more words


Throwback Thursday: Genesis' "That's All"

Travel back with me, if you will, to 1983.  That year, a brand new Ford Mustang purchase price was around $6000,  the Broadway show Annie  189 more words


TRACK: Grimes, Genesis

Originally uploaded February 6th, 2012 on Sound Influx 

If first single ‘Oblivion’, or a recent signing with 4AD is not enough for you, Grimes new single ‘Genesis’ definitely should be. 132 more words


"It is not good for man to be alone" Part 1

And now, back to our regularly scheduled post. This one is a response to a request from my God-sister. She asked me to expound on two sets of scripture that had been in her mind all day. 1,120 more words