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Did God need to create the world to get more glory?

Did God need to create us to get glory? In one way, this question is very simple: no he didn’t. But in another way, it’s a little more complicated. 742 more words


Day 11

Genesis 11:

“Nothing that they propose will be withheld from them!”  This is an amazing testimony to the power of unity.  If men and women agree on something and they act in unity, there is nothing that that will not be able to achieve. 288 more words

500 Club

Track of the Day (B.A.T. - Big Ass Tune) 24/4/14

Are you into big tunes with drops that make you want to run through the streets, with a table cloth tied around your neck, pretending you’re in Kick Ass’ posse? 102 more words



Whether one is religious or not, the flood story in the Bible remains one of the most significant in world literature. When you decide to make a movie about this narrative, why on earth would you disregard the story and ‘creatively recreate it’. 111 more words



Genesis Weekly Breakdown

Week 1: Genesis Introduction / Creation Account / Adam & Eve

Week 2: A Look at the Sibling Relationships… 50 more words


Song Playing: Butterflies by Sia

This is me: a big eyed, caramel complexion girl staring into a mirror.

Have you ever thought why God made you the way He did? Why are my lips so big? 244 more words