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Genesis of the Negative

If you want to truly understand something, it is best to start at the beginning. At the root, the base, the foundation. So whether you consider it history or allegory, that beginning would be Adam and Eve in the garden. 904 more words

"Noah" - half review (C), half debate

This is not one of my standard film reviews that follows my usual structure of 1. Story, 2. Performance, 3. Opinion, 4. Justification, 5. Certification.  Instead, this is more of a monologue regarding the clash between the story told in this film and any religious account of Noah’s Ark. 1,130 more words


Terminator 5: Genesis

I’ve just discovered that Terminator Genesis, number 5 in the series will be released in June 2015. This is wonderful news because my forthcoming book is all about destruction, love, breakdown and new creation.

More Robot news coming soon.

Easter Four

Easter Four
April 23, 2014

Going nuts in the kitchen! Or am I?

During Lent I gave a recipe on Wednesday and decided to continue this during Eastertide since it got great response. 1,030 more words

Day 10

Genesis 10:

The genealogy of Noah is chronologically out of place.   It details changes and events which are yet to take place in the book of Genesis.  324 more words

500 Club

Wednesday's Word: Abram Answers a Tough Call

Many of you know that I have a twin sister. She lives in Connecticut, and I live in Seattle. Sometimes we feel the distance, but most of the time, at least I feel really close to her. 186 more words

Bible Stories

100 Happy Days / Day 88: We Do Not Have A Soul

Clay is older than man. Moulded through the ages by the wind and waters, each minute grain has seen countless lives come and go; has seen dynasties rise and fall.  580 more words