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Eating as Worship!


A study of Genesis 2;8-17

I’m hungry-
… If heaven were an eatery and she’s taking orders; I would have one plate of praise, two spoons of thanksgiving and a bottle of prayer to go with it. 1,660 more words


Bible Challenge Entry 39 - Genesis: Joseph's Brother in Egypt

In Genesis 42, Joseph’s brothers are sent by Jacob to buy corn in Egypt. Even though Jacob and his family were blessed by God, He made it so that Joseph would eventually be reunited with his family by allowing the seven years of drought to affect their supply of food. 768 more words


2015 Hyundai Genesis V-six RWD Tested: Lotus Tweaks And Newly Chic by Auto Blog Via

Instrumented Test

The invisible touch.

In the early 1980s, the band Genesis pulled off one particular of the most challenging feats in show organization: turning a critically revered nerd-rock outfit with lukewarm U.S. 25 more words

Breaking the Cycle

Every week a large portion of churches in the world organize their worship of God around the same couple of Bible passages, picked by some learned folks to cover most of the Bible over a three-year cycle called the Revised Common Lectionary. 715 more words


Genesis 1:2

The late great John Calvin wrote extensively on the foundations of creation, I hope to shed some light on it and bring it back to the surface hoping, in regards to Genesis relieve any consternation. 348 more words


Genesis 1:1

Genesis 1:1


Genesis one was a beautiful picture of the beginning of time and space, really leading up to showing God’s purpose and his indefinite grace.  307 more words



Joseph sent off his brothers to go back home, and again he commanded his steward to fill their sacks with food, put back their money, and this time to put his silver cup into the sack of Benjamin. 318 more words

Jesus Christ