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Sin Cover Up

Excuses, excuses.  That’s what we should call today.  Adam and Eve covering their bums.  Literally.  They are now naked.  They weren’t before they sinned.  Now, they are naked.  415 more words

Marc Kinna

The First Love Poem (Genesis 2)

I am a poet. And I am in love. For this reason I delight in writing love-poems. It’s also because of this that something in my soul resonates powerfully with the story of how Adam and Eve first met in Genesis 2. 499 more words

Bible Challenge Entry 41 - Genesis: Joseph's Test

In Genesis 44, Joseph prepared another test for his brothers. He had his steward fill his brothers bags with food and their money again. However, in Benjamin’s bag, he instructs to also put his cup, a silver cup. 514 more words


Breaking News: Obama Calls for "Immediate Ceasefire"

In a Sunday phone call to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, American President Barack Obama issued a “clear strategic imperative” to Israel: an immediate and unconditional ceasefire. 376 more words

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Genesis 15:6 niv

Abram was counted as righteous because he believed God
not because he believed in God.
Just as we can know of a person and not know them personally… 45 more words

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Genesis 11: The Tower of Babel

In which God stifles human cooperation and initiative literally in order to keep humans down.

After inventing bricks and mortar, it seems like the sky’s the limit for the fledgling human race. 115 more words


Day 2 of 365 Days of Scripture

Today’s readings: Gen 3–4, Isa 1:21–31, Matt 2, Ps 2:1–8

Genesis 3-4

Chapter 3 is the story of the Tree of Knowledge. You hear countless different stories about whose “fault” it is that humans were kicked out of the Garden of Eden. 737 more words