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Sea Legs- Part three

The moon rise was spectacular, big over the water, like the face of a god.

Islands dotted the expanse in front of us, we saw a couple of boats a long way off but nothing near us save a light plane that landed quite a way ahead on the water at an island. 1,181 more words

Big Ag and Small Farms- Why we need both

Colin Tudge has an article for last week’s Oxford Real Farming conference. Unfortunately, he provides little evidence for many of his assertions, repeats many long-debunked myths and seems intent on promoting a black-and-white world or Goodies (small farms) vs Baddies (Big Ag and GMOs) to have a go at his pet hate of “neo-liberalism”. 3,023 more words

Genetic Engineering

The Big Picture

In election times, it is really difficult to learn enough about certain issues. To some extent, I (and I imagine most people) rely on the synopses provided by various media and organizations to weed through all the information and distill what the differences are. 951 more words


Who Owns the Future?

I attended my friend’s wedding in Toronto this weekend, which means that I have spent a significantly larger percentage of the last three days sitting in various airports than I would care to admit. 174 more words

Personal Stuff

Scientists Develop Stem Cell ‘Special Forces’ in order to Target, Destroy Brain Tumors

Curing someone of cancer is, in theory, a piece of cake: all you have to do is kill the cancer cells while leaving the healthy cells intact. 462 more words


A Brief Survey of Notable Artificial Ecosystems of the Solar System

The trees of Niven Torus, in orbit around the Moon, are pink today. All shades, from a pasty near-white to deep bloody, but tending towards the brilliant, the flamboyant, the Platonically pink. 542 more words


The Dawn of the Super Babies (and the end of natural conception)

Since the dawn of mankind, we humans have become used to being the primary species on this planet. We are top of the food chain and have altered our environment to suit our needs. 1,843 more words