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Omega 2060 - Chapter 33

To save the earth, Mankind must die

Book Three

Chapter 33

‘Tis a meritorious fair design
To chase injustice with revengeful arms.
William Shakespeare
Rape of Lucrece… 4,159 more words

Omega 2060 - The Novel


Greek Time Cop prankster
mail orders vat-birthed Centaurs
Sends them back in time


Genetics: Back to Basics (insulin & genetic engineering)

So here’s my third video to the mini series, introducing the idea of genetic engineering in a way that hopefully won’t sound as scary as some people might find the idea. 271 more words


Kill switch: Breeding kamikaze mosquitoes

Kieron Monks reports for CNN:

‘The Aedes Aegypti mosquito is just two to three millimeters long but its impact is devastating. Of the thousands of mosquito species, this one bears primary responsibility for one of the world’s deadliest and fastest growing diseases.¬† 163 more words


USDA: 95% of Iowa corn is genetically engineered

New data released by the US Department of Agriculture shows that 95 percent of Iowan field corn is genetically modified, compared to 93 percent nationally. 111 more words


Why test GE Bananas on U.S. citizens?

According to a recent NPR article, “Somewhere in Iowa, volunteers are earning $900 apiece by providing blood samples after eating” bananas that have been genetically engineered (GE) to produce levels of pro-vitamin A some 5-6 times higher than levels in their non-engineered counterparts. 549 more words


DNA Scissors for genetic surgery?

A story started circulating last week focusing on zinc finger nucleases. These are enzymes that cut DNA in a very specific way, allowing for a new, different means of altering genes in vitro and possibly in vivo. 47 more words