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War of the Fruit Ninja (Yummy Yummy!)

The War of the Fruit Ninja (Yummy Yummy!)


After the devastating war with raccoons won with a Pyrrhic victory in 1964, the Squirrel Society population had dwindled down to nine. 2,154 more words

Predator and Prey Relationships

A review of Suzanne Church’s “Mod Me Down” in Elements: A Collection of Speculative Fiction (Edge, 2014).
By Derek Newman-Stille

Suzanne Church’s “Mod me Down” takes readers to the limit of the human experience, exploring that critical moment when culture bleeds into instinct. 297 more words

Fiction Book Reviews


A young couple sits in the waiting room studying a book of photographs. This is not just any photo album. This is a book of genetic traits. 339 more words


Man-Ape Overlords
convoy coming down the road
Molotov Cocktails!


Omega 2060 - Chapter 33

To save the earth, Mankind must die

Book Three

Chapter 33

‘Tis a meritorious fair design
To chase injustice with revengeful arms.
William Shakespeare
Rape of Lucrece… 4,168 more words

Omega 2060 - The Novel


Greek Time Cop prankster
mail orders vat-birthed Centaurs
Sends them back in time


Genetics: Back to Basics (insulin & genetic engineering)

So here’s my third video to the mini series, introducing the idea of genetic engineering in a way that hopefully won’t sound as scary as some people might find the idea. 271 more words