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Genetically Engineering Poplars for Paper and Biofuels Condemned

Apr 10, 2014 by Indigenous Environmental Network

Industry Hype & Misdirected Science Undercuts Real Energy/Climate Solutions

Genetically Engineering Poplars for Paper and Biofuels Condemned

 Washington, DC–Scientists and environmentalists today condemned a recent press release by researchers at the University of British Columbia announcing they have created genetically engineered (GE) poplar trees for paper and biofuel production, opening the prospect of growing these GE trees like an agricultural crop in the future.

Resource Recommendation: "Should America Prohibit Genetically Engineered Babies?"

Hi! A lot of things have been changing in my life lately, which caused this blog to take ‘back-burner’ status, unfortunately. However, I am giving myself a more strict posting schedule so that I can post stuff more consistently. 351 more words


If science solves the lime crisis, will we accept genetically engineered gin and tonics?

Note: If global industrial agriculture must be abolished in order to maintain a livable planet, will we accept life without cheap limes?

And let’s be honest — The industry-backed narrative about a “broad scientific consensus” on GMO safety is just plain incorrect – see this statement here: …

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Climate Change

{Review} X and Y by Rebecca Finlayson

From Goodreads: Olivia Adonane has it all; remarkable intelligence, stunning beauty, and – as the daughter of the head of the Triad, Society’s top three Human Designers – immeasurable wealth. 559 more words

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Genetically engineered trees hailed as environmental breakthrough

Researchers have genetically engineered poplar trees with lignin that breaks down more easily, opening the door to cheaper biofuels and wood pulp that require only a fraction of the energy and chemicals to produce. 645 more words

The Green Man

April 17: International day of peasant struggles

April 8, 2014. Source: La Via Campesina

This year we dedicate the 17th of April, international day of peasant struggles, to the defense of seeds. Seeds are an essential basis for achieving food sovereignty because almost everything in agriculture depends on them: What we can plant and how it is grown; the quality and nutrition of our food, our ability to account for different tastes and cultural preferences; and also the wellbeing of our communities, our ecosystems and the planet. 2,551 more words

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The Slippery Slope of Curing Mental Disorders

Earlier today, I read an article on Yahoo reporting that medical researchers have succeeded in growing nostrils and vaginas in the lab.  Said nostrils are capable of sneezing, and the girls who received the lab-grown vaginas report normal sexual functioning.   646 more words