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50 whys to look for genes: 36. Ancestry might have medical significance

BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations are more common in certain populations (e.g., people of Ashkenazi Jewish descent) than others. Closer monitoring or prophylactic measures might be undertaken following positive tests (by genomic sequencing) for those mutations. 504 more words


What you should know about genetic testing kits

Watch above: Dr. Samir Gupta talks to Leslie Roberts about genetic testing kits. 

TORONTO –Testing for genes associated with certain diseases can be attractive for would-be parents looking to protect their unborn children but there are some risks associated with the practice. 505 more words


The History and Future of Personalized Medicine

Many of us in the genetics and genomics community think that this a golden age for our work. During the last thirty years or so, it has become apparent that genetics plays a very important role in virtually all aspects of human health and disease. 577 more words

Personalized Health Care

More money for genetic counselling

Brisbane Times Amy Remeikis 25 October 2014

The government has capped off its week of health announcements with a $472,000 funding grant for women’s cancer counselling. 22 more words

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Here’s How Well Your Genes Can Predict Your Breast Cancer Risk

Your genes have a lot to say about who you are and how healthy you are. But for certain diseases, including cancer, so many genes are likely involved that it’s hard for doctors to come up with a useful, reliable way to turn your DNA information into a precise risk score. 393 more words

Black America, Where Do You Come From? Genetic Testing

It was worthwhile for me. I did 23andme.com, which allows you to download your genome, about 25MB, and from there you can use other sites. 352 more words

To Your Health: When an inherited gene mutation increases breast cancer risk

Last year, actor Angelina Jolie made national news when she announced she had undergone preventive surgery to remove both of her breasts.

Jolie has an inherited faulty gene that greatly increased her chances of developing breast cancer. 481 more words