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To Your Health: When an inherited gene mutation increases breast cancer risk

Last year, actor Angelina Jolie made national news when she announced she had undergone preventive surgery to remove both of her breasts.

Jolie has an inherited faulty gene that greatly increased her chances of developing breast cancer. 481 more words


Genetically Speaking, Could We Be Cousins?

Hard to believe, but we just might be near or distant cousins, or cousins once or more removed.  When I started my genealogy research about 35 years ago we may never have been able to answer my question about being cousins with any certainty in a single lifetime. 1,399 more words

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Guideline offers direction in genetic testing for certain types of muscular dystrophy

(American Academy of Neurology 13 October 2014) A new guideline from the American Academy of Neurology and the American Association of Neuromuscular & Electrodiagnostic Medicine recommends guidance on how doctors should evaluate the full picture — from symptoms, family history and ethnicity to a physical exam and certain lab test results — in order to determine what genetic tests may best diagnose a person’s subtype of limb-girdle or distal muscular dystrophy. 26 more words

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The Chastisement is Here

St. King Edward

In case you missed today’s news storm from the Synod on the Family, this post from St. Louis Catholic provides a good overview.  96 more words

Month Of The Holy Rosary

Schroedinger's cat and genetic testing

I don’t pretend to understand quantam physics, but Schroedinger’s thought experiment has always fascinated me. If I understand it in very basic form, there is a cat in a box with potentially lethal items. 532 more words

Clan of the Dog People

When National Geographic’s Genographic Project was all shiny and new, my husband Ken and I joined 678,632 other individuals in over 140 countries in sending in samples of our DNA to be included in the database. 591 more words


Testing 1, 2, 3...

A couple days ago, my dad and I met with a geneticist to discuss our genes and cancer and fun things like that. I know very little about genetics and DNA (and biology, for that matter), so I find it really fascinating to learn about how complex human systems are, and how much new information is being discovered every day. 736 more words