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Flatley's Law: How One Company Is Creating Medicine's Genetic Revolution

by Matthew Herper, Forbes

When Renee Valint’s daughter Shelby was born in 2000, she seemed weak, like a rag doll. Shelby learned to walk and talk, but she did so slowly, missing developmental milestones. 261 more words


Using genetics to find future Olympians - Was this inevitable?

We have long known that people would start to become curious about the potential to use genetics testing to identify genetically gifted youngsters, who could be nurtured as potential Olympians. 673 more words


Natural Athletic Ability of African-Americans

Why do African-Americans have the potential to be such great athletes?

Here at MuscleGenes, it’s the detail of theories that interests us, and we believe this is a phenomenal example of philosophy, hypothesis and science. 795 more words


Interested in the potential for SUPER HUMANS? Meet Liam Hoekstra!

This is Liam Hoekstra who at 3-years-old is pictured throwing around 5Ib dumbbells. In 2009, he was thought to be the worlds strongest toddler, but he’s no ordinary child! 760 more words


The mysteries of lactose tolerance, the favourable mutation!

Every man and his dog believes they are lactose intolerant, but let’s get to the science! Lactose is sugar found in milk and dairy produce, and is normally broken down by an enzyme called lactase. 231 more words


Mighty mouse lives, well genetically created that is!

Well actually, mighty mouse was genetically created by Professor Richard Hanson in Cleveland a few years ago! Professor Hanson studied the role of the cytosolic form of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase (PEPCK-C) in skeletal muscle. 237 more words


“This structure has novel features which are of considerable biological interest”

In April 1953, this sentence appeared in the scientific paper where James Watson and Francis Crick presented the structure of the DNA-helix, the molecule that carries genetic information from one generation to the other, that is the discovery of DNA! 107 more words