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As the price of beef rises, ranchers turn to genetic testing to ensure their beef is buttery, researcher says

CALGARY — That steak may be about to get much more tender thanks to advances in genetic testing.

As the price of beef rises, and customers demand more consistency in their cuts, cattle ranchers are increasingly turning to such high-tech tools as genetic testing to ensure their beef is buttery, said Reynold Bergen, the science director for the Beef Cattle Research Council. 471 more words


The apple doesn't fall far from our genes... I mean tree. Tree.

“I know genes are a big deal, son, but they’re not the be-all and end-all.” ― Karen Traviss, Going Grey.

Before you gasp in disbelieve (or in despair) and run screaming for the hills, I promise this post will be worth a read… and no, I will not be giving you a lecture on genetics. 735 more words


Genetic testing: A personal decision

As a genetic counselor, I often get asked the dreaded question of “what would you do?” It might seem like there is one correct answer when it comes to the decision of whether or not to pursue genetic testing, but in reality, there is not. 404 more words

Program For Jewish Genetic Health

Denial Fails Me Now, or F*ck Cancer!!!

In group yesterday afternoon, my psychiatrist recommended genetic testing for hereditary cancer syndromes (of which there are 50). He advocated doing so to guide future medical care, rather than living in denial or in fear.  149 more words

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Flatley's Law: How One Company Is Creating Medicine's Genetic Revolution

by Matthew Herper, Forbes

When Renee Valint’s daughter Shelby was born in 2000, she seemed weak, like a rag doll. Shelby learned to walk and talk, but she did so slowly, missing developmental milestones. 261 more words


Using genetics to find future Olympians - Was this inevitable?

We have long known that people would start to become curious about the potential to use genetics testing to identify genetically gifted youngsters, who could be nurtured as potential Olympians. 673 more words


Natural Athletic Ability of African-Americans

Why do African-Americans have the potential to be such great athletes?

Here at MuscleGenes, it’s the detail of theories that interests us, and we believe this is a phenomenal example of philosophy, hypothesis and science. 795 more words