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Genetic control mechanism for major livestock pest developed

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed a technique to control populations of the Australian sheep blowfly — a major livestock pest in Australia and New Zealand — by making female flies dependent upon a common antibiotic to survive. 399 more words

Study: Is Bitter Sensitivity Genetic?

Scientists have been studying a particular taste receptor gene to understand why some of us may be more predisposed to liking bitter foods and hoppy beers.

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Release of GM Mosquitoes to fight Dengue Fever in Brazil

In Rio de Janeiro, scientists have released thousands of mosquitoes infected with a bacteria that will hopefully suppress dengue fever. The theory is that the genetically modified yellow fever mosquitos ( 377 more words

Biological Control

Mating your Dog? Think twice!!

compiled by Josianne Cutajar and Andre Delicata

Many people mate their dogs without a second thought. Yet Malta is full of strays, and full of “purebreds” with congenital diseases and conditions, so perhaps it would be good to put forward a few points that should be considered when thinking of mating a dog. 591 more words

What's in Your Family Tree?

Did you know there’s a genetic component in psychic ability?  What does that mean?  Well, if someone in your family is or was psychic, you may very well have the ability as well.  17 more words

50 whys to look for genes: Pros and complications

Waiting at the checkout yesterday, I noticed a special issue of Time: “How DNA shapes your life.”  “Having tried to harness the power of DNA for decades,” the introduction begins, “we’re finally getting somewhere.”  The special issue and its articles are clearly optimistic, even boosterish, without much nuance, at least in their titles for I have yet to read and digest the substance and style of the articles.   367 more words