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Country Bachelorette

This weekend, I celebrated my brother’s upcoming wedding and took my future sister-in-law into the city for a family-bachelorette party (I’m not able to join her on her upcoming bachelorette get-away, so I was excited to get a chance to toast together this weekend in Beantown). 168 more words

Katie's Style

Genetic programming for the Brave New Utopia

Genetic programming for the Brave New Utopia
By Jon Rappoport
January 23, 2015
First, read these two quotes from highly regarded academic scientists, to catch the flavor of the genetic revolution. 839 more words

Unveiling Truth Posts

Warning: Escaped Genetic Experiment on the Loose!

It amuses me to no end that telling the truth, publicly, is considered dangerous in some quarters.


"Be careful what you wish for"

Ethic, science, and religion combined. Peter James carved this thriller as tortuous as the DNA double helix. Remarkable piece, seriously.

This is what I craved for in a novel! 6 more words


A Disease to Inspire a Blog

It is a seldom yet relieving feeling when a doctor prescribes you medicine that kicks out an infection or disease, but what if you have a disease that does not have a cure? 484 more words

REPO! The Genetic Opera - Zydrate Anatomy

Not sure why I’m sitting here listening to the soundtrack and not just watching the movie… Oh well…

Blueprinting life - because we can

When I first thought of genetic fractals, it was when observing a flowering bush. The thunderbolt thought was about the relationship between genetic codes and natural structure of life, i.e. 414 more words