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Tuesday 25th November 2014

People with terminal illnesses will no longer face a medical card review


Major medical card changes announced by Leo Varadkar

Minister for Health Leo Varadkar has announced major changes to the medical card system to make the processing of applications more sensitive to the needs of people with serious illnesses. 2,972 more words


Whole-genome sequences of 17 of the world’s oldest living people published

Source: KurzweilAI, Nov 2014

Using 17 genomes, researchers were unable to find rare protein-altering variants significantly associated with extreme longevity, according to a study published November 12, 2014 in the open-access journal  143 more words


Sequencing of the genome of some species of wild rice from Nature mag

The Chinese Academy of Sciences, in collaboration with Researchers of Northeastern State University and the University  of Georgia and Athens, identified most of the genes that control the plant’s ability to resist to environmental stress and against parasites by sequencing  the genome of some species of wild rice  O. 23 more words


The texture of time and disposition

We use the phrase Tincture of time to express the understanding that, whether insults be physical or emotional, they always get at least a little better, with time. 348 more words


Genetic replication study could lead to new cancer treatments

The process of how genetic material is replicated is one that is poorly understood, but new research by a team at Florida State University could lead to a new level of understanding in this area, with implications for the treatment of patients with diseases whereby the process of genetic replication is dysfunctional. 504 more words


Diagnosis Noonans?

We’re…well in many ways some people would say we’re almost at the end of our diagnostic journey after three years of being a SWAN family (Syndrome Without A Name). 466 more words


Here is your genetic information: Genesis 30:37-41

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