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Genetic replication study could lead to new cancer treatments

The process of how genetic material is replicated is one that is poorly understood, but new research by a team at Florida State University could lead to a new level of understanding in this area, with implications for the treatment of patients with diseases whereby the process of genetic replication is dysfunctional. 504 more words


Diagnosis Noonans?

We’re…well in many ways some people would say we’re almost at the end of our diagnostic journey after three years of being a SWAN family (Syndrome Without A Name). 466 more words


Here is your genetic information: Genesis 30:37-41

33 more words

Beer Haven

One beer and then another
To keep him from the brink
Of madness and depression
So he won’t have to think

An ancestral affliction long… 18 more words

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Video: Personalized genetic testing reveals everything from baldness to Alzheimer's

It wasn’t that long ago that genetic testing was a laborious and extremely time consuming, not to mention expensive, task. But with advancements in technology and the mastery of new techniques, genetic testing is now available to the masses. 58 more words


Madagascar and Ghana amongst the unhappiest of nations

A new study has found that countries such as Madagascar and Ghana are low ranking in the well-being and happiness measurements. Academics from Warwick University collected data collected from 143 nations, and compared the results to data from Denmark. 148 more words

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