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WATCH: Rare skin condition makes baby Kiira untouchable

At first glance, eight-week-old baby Kiira looks just like any other healthy baby: bright eyes, a wisp of hair and baby-soft skin.

But Kiira has a rare genetic skin condition called recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (DEB). 232 more words


The Genetics of Cancer- Is There a Test?

When Dad was diagnosed with colorectal cancer, a thought that came to my mind was if cancer was genetic. Is it possible that it lies in my family? 385 more words


Taking your Genome to the Bank

What’s more valuable than your money, equally vulnerable, and unique to you? Answer: Your genome. And just like your money, your genome should be stored as securely as possible and those institutions that store your genome should be regulated on how they store it, use it, and potentially share it. 297 more words


Genetics May Be Factor In Hangover Severity

The Guardian: With the party season ahead, many of us will indulge in the odd tipple at the office Christmas party or enjoy a drink or two with friends and family. 346 more words



Amyloidosis is the deposition of abnormal insoluble extracellular proteins in tissues such as the heart, kidneys and basement membranes of blood vessels. Amyloid is derived from different precursor proteins, and differs in that the proteins have β-pleated sheet secondary structure, which render them resistant to phagocytosis. 267 more words


Effective Repo The Genetic Opera

In a way, opera glasses are like binoculars, but are particularly designed for viewing indoor performances. In larger opera venues, viewers toward the back or in balconies may be a substanial distance from the stage. 239 more words

Breast Cancer Fully Explained

If you were to look up “breast” in the dictionary, you’d find that it relates to the chest area. The reason for such a broad definition is that both males and females have chests and hence breasts, and both males and females can get breast cancer. 787 more words

Breast Cancer