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A Short Primer on CRISPR Technology and the Age of Genetic Engineering

By: Aditya Nair

A clever modification to a bacterial immune response could hold the key to curing hundreds of genetic diseases.

We humans, from our selfish point of view, are accustomed to considering bacteria as agents of infection and the causes of great suffering. 581 more words


Most Americans are just not ready for so much innovation

Most Americans Do Not Want Google-ish Glasses, Drones, Or Lab-Grown Meat. Disruptive technologies are all well and good, but being totally out of touch with what people actually want may not be the best innovation strategy.If aliens came to planet Earth for a day, they might imagine a world in which every person documents his life in data points, drones zip around the airspace, and families argue about Google Glass at the dinner table… a new Pew Research Center study finds that most Americans aren’t as thrilled about new technologies as Twitter’s unrepresentative sample. 96 more words

Hardware, Software, And Apps

TED talks - Cameron Russell

“Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model.”

Cameron Russell

“Cameron Russell has spent the last decade modelling. A Victoria’s Secret favourite, she has appeared in multiple international editions of 

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Semester Two Second Year

Is this genetic? (an informal poll)

Yesterday I found myself explaining my mental health issues to yet another professor.  And for whatever reason Italians (I’m not sure if it’s a cultural thing) always ask “why”.   281 more words

Beyond the Cosmos: Editing the Microcosmos

Tonight’s post for Beyond the Cosmos will be short and sweet as I don’t think anything I could ever write could be more comprehensive and more beautifully concise than the last episode of… 1,261 more words

Math And Science

The Pessimistic Brain

Do you maybe have a friend who is pessimist, and whenever you’ve told him/her “Cheer up” he/she just couldn’t think positive.     Well, now we know why… 151 more words

Know your family history

I was diagnosed with breast cancer about a week go.

I’m not posting to get sympathy just want it known that breast cancer, ovarian, prostate, and pancreatic cancer is known to be caused by a genetic mutated gene. 118 more words