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Only 8.2% Of DNA Is "Functional" | Effing Love Science

Having just seen the movie “Lucy” which reaffirms just how little of our brain capacity we take advantage of (less than 10) it’s only fitting that scientists are insisting now that only 8.2% of our DNA is actually functional. 147 more words


since you've been gone

Another several months have gone by. not just because I was neglect… my dad had a serious illness that basically took up the first few months of the year as it became my top priority to get him through. 315 more words


Babarism Begins at Home

Drinking has always seemed to fall in patterns. Alcoholics breed alcoholics, while certain families suffer from not being able to drink due to a history of liver failure. 556 more words


Excusing Environments

A recent study on adoption and suicide suggests genetic (biological) rather than environmental factors play a dominant role in risks for suicide.

Researchers used Danish adoption data and compared non-biologically related siblings of orphans (children who had been adopted and biologically related siblings that the orphan did not grow up with. 574 more words


Welcome to PTCHD1-base

Welcome to PTCHD1-base. This website is aimed at researchers, clinicians, parents, and care, with a view to providing useful information relating to PTCHD1 and its role in autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disability and other neurodevelopmental and behavioural conditions. 159 more words

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Moving Beyond the GMO Debate // by Heather Stone

As with many other important issues, discussing GM (genetically modified) crops seems to be mostly unproductive. In my personal experience, discussions are based on misinformation and quickly devolve into a shouting match rather than sparking thoughtful debate. 334 more words

NIH study shows schizophrenia’s genetic rising to a new level

The largest genomic dragnet of any psychiatric disorder to date has unmasked 108 chromosomal sites harboring inherited variations in the genetic code linked to schizophrenia… 793 more words

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