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What alters gene expression?

I’ve just come across some very interesting information. In genetics research they use certain substances which consistently increase or decrease gene expression. Gene expression means how actively a gene is doing its thing. 282 more words


Genealogy Consanguinity & DNA — #Genealogy #DNA #Kinship

Consanguinity Chart Now … by John J. Tierney used via CC rights

 This is a beautiful data visualization tool of “relatedness” (Consanguinity) between yourself and an ancestor/descendant. 591 more words


I received the results of my genetic screening yesterday and discovered I am half-centaur … who knew?

Critical Thinking

Chess in Russia

Looking at the list of world chess champions over the years, one can’t help noticing a large number of Russians. The breakup by nationality is as follows: 366 more words

Drought declared South-East would benefit from crop breeding technologies: Kumar

NEW plant breeding technologies could be brought into local farms, in a bid to improve the quality of crops in South East Queensland. 342 more words

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Impact of stress on emotions linked to genes

The genetic conditions of each individual person determine what effect stress has on their emotions, researchers from the Medical University of Vienna in Austria have claimed in a new study. 258 more words

[33] We're A Miracle

We can beat the odds…

Yes, it’s still SMA Awareness Month.  But for this blog, I want to detach myself from SMA.

I don’t think anyone will have missed the hundreds of celebrities and thousands of humans throwing buckets of water over their heads for ALS.   853 more words