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Moving Beyond the GMO Debate // by Heather Stone

As with many other important issues, discussing GM (genetically modified) crops seems to be mostly unproductive. In my personal experience, discussions are based on misinformation and quickly devolve into a shouting match rather than sparking thoughtful debate. 334 more words

NIH study shows schizophrenia’s genetic rising to a new level

The largest genomic dragnet of any psychiatric disorder to date has unmasked 108 chromosomal sites harboring inherited variations in the genetic code linked to schizophrenia… 793 more words

Aurous Posts


Redheads are more prone to melanoma (the most malignant skin cancer), even if they avoid sunbathing. The cause is genetic. The type of melanin they produce – the pigment responsible for red hair and white skin – makes them prone to developing melanoma, even if they avoid ultraviolet rays. 117 more words

New Arrivals

Modi govt nod for genetically modified crops

MUMBAI: Twenty-one new varities of genetically modified (GM) crops such as rice, wheat, maize and cotton have been approved for field trials by the Narendra Modi government, say reports. 160 more words


Genetic similarities found among friends

Friends who are not biologically related still tend to resemble each other when it comes to genetics, revealed a U.S. study published Monday that proved that “friends are the family you choose.” 366 more words

Genetic test use by insurance firms

Once strictly the domain of research labs, gene-sequencing tests increasingly are being used to help understand the genetic causes of disease, which raises questions about privacy if the information is used by insurance companies. 100 more words