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"Be careful what you wish for"

Ethic, science, and religion combined. Peter James carved this thriller as tortuous as the DNA double helix. Remarkable piece, seriously.

This is what I craved for in a novel! 6 more words


A Disease to Inspire a Blog

It is a seldom yet relieving feeling when a doctor prescribes you medicine that kicks out an infection or disease, but what if you have a disease that does not have a cure? 484 more words

REPO! The Genetic Opera - Zydrate Anatomy

Not sure why I’m sitting here listening to the soundtrack and not just watching the movie… Oh well…

Blueprinting life - because we can

When I first thought of genetic fractals, it was when observing a flowering bush. The thunderbolt thought was about the relationship between genetic codes and natural structure of life, i.e. 414 more words


Environment, more than genetics, shapes immune system

Do you feel annoying when people over blaming about genetic?

e.g. I get sick easily because my genetic bad

I have higher diabetes risk because my genetic issue… 222 more words


GM on the March

Maybe it was only a matter of time before GM found its way into the European food network. There is a lot of money and power backing it up which has been used to project an image of environmental and social good. 470 more words

Environment & Sustainabilty

23andMe avoids the FDA's ire by offering genetic data to Pfizer

UPDATE: After publication, 23andMe sent us the following statement:

“Thank you for covering yesterday’s 23andMe announcement. We wanted to clarify our status with the FDA. 23andMe is fully committed to completing the regulatory review process and is actively working to do so by partnering with the FDA. 268 more words