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EU deal gives countries opt-out on growing approved GM crops

The European Union agreed a compromise on growing genetically modified crops on Thursday that gives nations the option to ban them, even if EU authorities have approved them for cultivation. 272 more words


Largest international study into safety of GM food launched by Russian NGO

A Russian group working with scientists is set to launch what they call the world’s largest and most comprehensive long-term health study on a GM… 927 more words


Genetically engineered crops, glyphosate and the deterioration of health in the USA

ABSTRACT published in Journal of Organic Systems, 9(2), 2014 ORIGINAL PAPER

A huge increase in the incidence and prevalence of chronic diseases has been reported in the… 88 more words

Genetically Engineered Crops

Colorado and Oregon will vote on GMO labeling Tuesday. Here's what's at stake.

It’s time to debate GMO labeling — again. On Tuesday, residents in Colorado and Oregon will vote on whether packaged foods that contain genetically modified ingredients should be labeled as such in stores. 2,003 more words


Former Pro-GMO Scientist Speaks Out On The Real Dangers of Genetically Engineered Food

I retired 10 years ago after a long career as a research scientist for Agriculture Canada. When I was on the payroll, I was the designated scientist of my institute to address public groups and reassure them that genetically engineered crops and foods were safe. 1,445 more words


Maui Voters to Decide Whether to Ban GMO Crops

Dozens of Maui mothers are going door-to-door to urge voters to back a ban on the cultivation of genetically engineered crops because they think they are unsafe. 798 more words


GMO wheat mishaps foster skepticism of USDA

WASHINGTON — The discovery of another unapproved variety of genetically modified wheat in Montana has increased pressure to tighten the regulation of biotech crops, a change that could cause havoc for farmers in Iowa and across the U.S. 1,098 more words