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The Problem with Facebook Activism

The Perils of “Slacktivism”
‘Many of us have fallen victim to it: changing our profile picture to those white equals signs atop a red background because someone said that it meant you support marriage equality, sharing the now-infamous #Kony2012 video that no one ever watched in full, or reposting the Huffington Post article only because the title was too witty and relevant not to. 422 more words


Maui GMO plan will be on the general election ballot in November.

GMO moratorium will be decided by voters.

Source:  Associated Press (Wailuku, Maui).

Maui County voters will cast ballots in November on a proposal to impose a moratorium on the cultivation of… 68 more words


More Drugs than Drugs

There are more drugs in processed foods than there are in drugs.

Alex B. Berezow: 'Why on earth would a science journalist write such unmitigated nonsense?''

Outbreak of Political Correctness in Science Media

For RealClearScienceAlex B. Berezow  writes: The American media is widely perceived to lean to the Left. Though most journalists won’t openly admit the fact, it is indisputably true. 534 more words

U.S. News

VIDEO: GMO Regulation Debated by Hawaii Senate Candidates - Big Island Video News

VIDEO: GMO Regulation Debated by Hawaii Senate Candidates
Big Island Video News
What the federal government has done is look at the issue and asked the question, ‘can something that is organic be then called GMO-free or no GMO’.

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it was blowin in the wind : GMO

a repost: a story/issue that needs more research rider repeal 

AquaBounty …

 is a biotechnology company dedicated to the improvement and productivity in aqua culture. 1,418 more words

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