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The Warrior in ALL of Us!

I am a very passionate person.  I write from my heart and I do everything I can to encourage and inspire others.  Not only do I write from my heart, but I speak from my heart as well. 12 more words


Growing concerns over 'in the air' transmssion of Ebola

By Matt McGrath
Science reporter, BBC World Service
Ebola virus
The infection is thought to get into humans through close contact with bodily fluids
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Crunchies Food - A Commitment to Healthy Food without GMOs

 “GMO” stands for “genetically modified organism,” a term that applies to any plant or animal that has been subject to genetic engineering through manipulation of DNA. 142 more words

Scott Gelbard

Oregon Right to Know: I Don't Want The Right to Know BS

Ray Seidler, retired EPA scientist, the newest pro-labeling darling appearing in Oregon ballot measure 92 ads.  I really don’t understand this guy.  PhD in microbiology?  Maybe apply what you learned a little?  682 more words

The Daily Bell, Monday, October 13, 2014

What Happens Monday?

Staff News & Analysis – October 13, 2014

Dubai crashed as of this writing and perhaps on Monday Wall Street and Europe will do the same. 173 more words


The Film The People Paid For that Pharma Does Not Want You To See!

I just finished watching this film, and I ask that for the price (now) of $4, you all try to watch it. (There is a link to the trailer below.) It is an extremely well done, powerful film on the topic of the interconnectedness of what is being done to us. 495 more words