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A genuine case of genetics.

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Cloning Blue Crab Blood to Prevent Infections

I recently came across this rather interesting article (ominously titled The Blood Harvest) by Alexis C. Madrigal in The Atlantic from February of this year about horseshoe crabs and the use of their startlingly blue blood for biomedical purposes. 725 more words


A Seven Year Experiment

Today marks the birthday of Gregor Mendel and a fitting date for the launch of Wrinkled Peas, a blog devoted to the interesting nuggets often left out of your science textbook; the stuff your history teacher never told you. 307 more words


Epigenetic Alterations in Infants Through C-Sections

Cesarean Delivery just might be causing epigenetic alterations in the DNA of infants at birth. Studies have found this out recently, but it hasn’t been concluded that this change is long lasting. 319 more words


Nurturing nature

Everyone (I hope) recognises the existence of genes and their effects. Most people are happy to “believe” in genetic effect in hair colour, blood group and genetic medical disorders, but where “personality”, “intelligence” and “mental health”, come into it, most people prefer to see environmental causation. 941 more words

Child Development

DNA Scissors for genetic surgery?

A story started circulating last week focusing on zinc finger nucleases. These are enzymes that cut DNA in a very specific way, allowing for a new, different means of altering genes in vitro and possibly in vivo. 47 more words


CNVs in psychiatric genetics

CNVs: Harbinger of a Rare Variant Revolution in Psychiatric Genetics
Cell. Mar 16, 2012; 148(6): 1223–1241.
Dheeraj Malhotra and Jonathan Sebat

Genetic Variation’s Other Half… 218 more words