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Cheers to you, furry grandpa!

New research has pushed back the origins for our affinity for alcohol (more accurately our ability to process larger quantities of ethanol) way, way back to the last common ancestor of humans, chimpanzees, and gorillas (~10 mya). 455 more words


Video: AncestryDNA Reconstructs Partial Genome of Person Living 200 Years Ago

Imagine if you could go back in time and see your ancestors. Would you see a part of yourself in one of them?

Genetics is starting to answer questions about what a long ago ancestor may have looked like and the specific traits they passed down to you. 83 more words

Family History

Top tip video: Using FTDNA Chromosome Browser raw data + MS Excel for your rearch

So you’ve transferred your raw autosomal DNA data from Ancestry or 23andme to Family Tree DNA (FTDNA). So now what?

Downloading FTDNA’s Chromosome Browser raw data and working with it in MS Excel (or another spreadsheet software) can lead to some amazing discoveries. 37 more words


The shameful vilification of James Watson

In a recent post about the Nobel ceremony I observed that James Watson who had sold his Nobel medal had it returned to him by the purchaser. 1,600 more words


Atrocities and Assimilation: Crusader DNA in the Near East

Here’s another great post from the genetic genealogy blog Origin Hunters.

European crusaders in the early medieval era…The real question is not if they left DNA behind.  93 more words



Genetic genealogy acronyms getting you down? Don’t know your SNP from your YDNA?  This great, short article from Origin Hunter breaks it all down for you. 31 more words


The Folly of Using Small Segments as Proof in Genealogical Research, Part One

Just when I was on the verge of publishing a series of posts based on recent intensive research findings…well, the brown stuff hit the fan in America. 218 more words