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The Worsening Situation

“Global Warming is already in overdrive; mass migrations of people to the northern steppes and wastes of Europe and North America have put a premium on land and infrastructure, and is being fiercely resisted, especially by the Russians. 632 more words

Science Fiction

Micro Slavery

Bacteria can be both useful and lethal. In either case, scientists want total control over them to maximise their efficiency or prevent any diseases. However, it does sounds impossible: how can humans control a bacterium, which is a free living organism so small we can’t see it with our naked eye and is incapable of understanding our commands? 395 more words

The Rebels

A group of people sat in the jungle of Hampstead Heath, trying to talk and remember how to say their words. They had had their terminals removed, or wore close-fitting steel helmets covering their heads, except for eye, nose and mouth slits. 1,351 more words

Science Fiction

Antibiotic Hero

Antibiotics are the real wonder drug. They were a revolution in the 20th century, capable of fighting the most powerful bacterial infections. Scientists understood their potential and worked tirelessly to create a wide variety of them to harness their power, but eventually they stopped. 435 more words

In Norway, more sun correlates to reduced inherited fertlity and greater infant mortality

There is a new intriguing paper from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU):

G. R. Skjaervo, F. Fossoy, E. Roskaft. Solar activity at birth predicted infant survival and women’s fertility in historical Norway… 363 more words


"Filthy" Vikings were plagued by gut parasites

The observations of a 10th century Arab traveller, Ahmad ibn Fadlān ibn al-Abbās ibn Rāšid ibn Hammād, about the hygiene of the Vikings more than a thousand years ago, are being confirmed by new DNA analyses. 752 more words