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OMG, Karen, you can't just ask people why they're white!

A very exciting thing happened to me yesterday – I found out I’m from Africa. I know what you all are thinking… 618 more words



In the largest study on the matter up to date, scientists from Illinois have investigated the DNA of hundreds homosexual men and have found revolutionising results that show that being gay could have a strong genetic influence. 489 more words


Escaping the Vortex: Genetic Rescue as Means of Conservation

By Alexandra DeCandia

Humans have a talent for disrupting natural processes. Through the overharvest of species and inundation of landscapes with highways and suburbs, we’ve continuously rendered wild populations small and fragmented. 638 more words


Male sexual orientation influenced by genes

Results of a five-year study of 409 independent pairs of homosexual brothers in 384 families find that genetics play a key role in male sexual orientation. 234 more words

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What criteria can be used to distinguish between correlation and cause & effect 

First, it is important to know what correlation and cause & effect means to be able to distinguish between them… 614 more words


How my gateway ancestors answered some major admixture questions

Regular followers of my posts will know that DNA testing has certainly answered a number of my family history questions; namely the paternity of a small number of my enslaved ancestors. 1,055 more words

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Clone Your Best Friend?

We love our pet’s quirks and habits: Fiesty the cat likes to rest on top of the printer where its warm, but her weak stomach sometimes makes her barf into it. 431 more words