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Omar Khadr wins right to sue government for conspiring with US to torture him

The recent decision of Justice Mosley approving Omar’s Amended Statement of Claim (technically the Amended, Amended, Amended Fresh as Amended) marks a recognition that the acts of Canada in relation to Omar’s treatment in Guantanamo Bay need a far greater level of scrutiny than we had previously considered. 273 more words

Omar Khadr

The reality of Palestinian children in Israeli jails .

Muhammad Zulfikar 

Presently, 41.5 per cent of Palestinian child detainees are imprisoned inside Israel in infringement of Article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention

Israel has repeatedly declared its intention to continue working with UNICEF to devote efforts to solve the issue of the mistreatment of Palestinian children. 324 more words

Human Rights

Israel Vis-à-vis Hamas: legitimation of Hamas as a political entity is the only way forward

In order to cease hostilities and bring about a genuine peace settlement based on a two-state solution, we all know what needs to be done: Israel must end its illegal eight year besiegement of the beleaguered Gaza strip and comply with article 33 of the Geneva Conventions as well as other conventions this policy of containment breaches (I won’t go into the list of other conventions because it is far too exhaustive). 672 more words

Israel And Palestine

Occupation redux

In the (proposed) 1899 Hague Regulations, the basic premise of the law of occupation was stated:

The country invaded submits to the law of the invader; that is a fact; that is might; but we should not legalize the exercise of this power in advance, and admit that might makes right (Beernaert in Benvenisti, 2012, 90). 1,016 more words

Are Hormones Weapons? If Not, Let’s Use Them.



Today, I’m writing about ISIS.


First, a small segue (hang on, there’s a tie): This article, and this, and this one, too – oh, and… 648 more words