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Questions With No Real Answers

Every now and again I think of a question and decide to search out the answer using various online and offline methods. Some of those questions I’ve heard or thought of have no real answer and I’d love for someone to help me out here. 530 more words


Unleashing the Socks of War

President Obama is right. He told Major Garrett of CBS this week that “Mr. Putin’s decisions aren’t just bad for Ukraine. Over the long term, they’re going to be bad for Russia.” 718 more words

Israeli - Palestinian negotiators to meet Wednesday

Israeli and Palestinian negotiators will meet on Wednesday to try to extend peace talks beyond an April 29 deadline, the U.S. State Department said on Tuesday. 237 more words


First Blood

It had been his first assignment with the team.
He had spent almost the last 3 years of his life training for this. He had received top scores in BUD/s, was fluent in 2 other languages other than English and his American accent was now gone. 1,296 more words

Iran shouldn't get the bomb, but Israel shouldn't have it either

Depending on where you get your news, there won’t be many days where you don’t see a piece about the Middle East conflict, and the problems which plague the region. 594 more words


Israel warns Palestine of unilateral action

Prime Minister Netanyahu says Israel will take action against the Palestinians, if they press ahead with statehood.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, has threatened to take unilateral action against Palestinians, if they press ahead with moves towards statehood. 539 more words


Bizarre Arguments and Behavior

This is by Dr.Walter E.Williams.

Some statements and arguments are so asinine that you’d have to be an academic or a leftist to take them seriously. 694 more words