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Review: The Fire Wish by Amber Lough

The Fire Wish by Amber Lough

The war between the jinnis and the humans has been going on for years.  Najwa is a young jinni who is being specially trained in covert operations and visiting the human world.  Zayele is a human, selected to marry a  prince whom she’s never met.  When the two of them meet, Zayele makes a wish on Najwa and switches their places.  Now Zayele is the jinni, living among other jinnis in the crystal caves under the earth and Najwa is the human, heading for marriage to a prince.  The two must keep themselves secret, both knowing that they will be killed by the people around them if they are discovered.  But war and love make everything more complicated and the two discover secrets about themselves and their worlds that will change everything. 206 more words

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Come on and Rub the Book:The Art of Wishing Duo-logy by Lindsay Ribar

Occasionally, I like to review books by the series which is what I’m doing with The Art of Wishing Duology.

About the Series: Think Meg Cabot, genies, with some heavy issues snuck in and you get this duo-logy.   952 more words


Just King, part one

It was another weekend checking out yard sales and antique shops.  Justin liked to find things that he could work on and restore.  It gave him something manual to do on the weekends once he escaped his grey, fluorescently-lit cubicle.   1,043 more words

Short Story

Next One Coming

As I mentioned earlier, I finished the book and turned it in to my editor on Monday. What next? Will the book appear like magic on your bookshelf? 103 more words


The Fault in Our Stars (2014): The movie that broke my SOUL

After a week of rushing around like a mad person at work, I decided to treat myself and go and watch The Fault in Our Stars with my little sister, who is turning 18 this week (FML I am OLD), since she is the only one who was willing to enter a movie with me that had became known as a tear fest. 1,063 more words


Due To Budget Cuts, Genies Can Now Grant Only Two Wishes

The Worldwide Association of Genies (WAG) announced today that due to budget cuts, any Genie released from a lamp would only be allowed to grant two wishes. 438 more words


Daily Prompt: Generous Genies

Generous Genies

Remember those lovely genies who grant wishes? Well, you’re one and you’ve just been emancipated from your restrictive lamp. You can give your three wishes to whomever you want. 99 more words