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Meet the Lovers Who Live in My Books

Tag. I’m it! Thanks to Paula Millhouse for inviting me to be a part of this blog hop. Paula writes captivating romance with dragons and fairies.They’re fiery ;) Visit her… 329 more words


"The World Of J-W" Sneak Preview-First Look At "GENIELAND"!

This fall, you will experience storytelling and a whole lot more when I bring back “The World Of J-W”, the anthology series that features my own cartoon characters as well as stories of good & bad times past, travelogues, and surprises that I am keeping under wraps for now…Today, I would like to give you bloggers a sneak peak at one of our stories that will be featured on “The World Of J-W”, and it is called “Genieland”; What exactly is “Genieland”, you ask? 284 more words


Jinni Caught on Camera

It was nearly a year ago that Saudi news reports acknowledged that an eerie figure caught on security cameras could be a jinni. The sighting occurred in Makkah (Mecca) in October 2013, right before the sacred pilgrimage of the Hajj, when Muslim faithful journey to this birthplace of Muhammad. 245 more words


D&D 5e Geniekin

Having read the other blood of books and ARG i was pretty excited by the prospect of blood of elementals. Shame it has very little new crunch, instead filling half the book with info on the planes. 408 more words


Just King, part two

A forgotten wish was being granted. As time passed, Justin was being given exactly what he wished for.  He just had no idea that he had asked for it. 807 more words

Short Story

One Wish

You’re shopping at a market in Marrakesh, a city located in western Morocco, Africa. You find an old lamp, and after you dust it off, a genie pops out. 204 more words

Abbie Johnson Taylor

Review: The Fire Wish by Amber Lough

The Fire Wish by Amber Lough

The war between the jinnis and the humans has been going on for years.  Najwa is a young jinni who is being specially trained in covert operations and visiting the human world.  Zayele is a human, selected to marry a  prince whom she’s never met.  When the two of them meet, Zayele makes a wish on Najwa and switches their places.  Now Zayele is the jinni, living among other jinnis in the crystal caves under the earth and Najwa is the human, heading for marriage to a prince.  The two must keep themselves secret, both knowing that they will be killed by the people around them if they are discovered.  But war and love make everything more complicated and the two discover secrets about themselves and their worlds that will change everything. 206 more words

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