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Right After The Wedding: How The Genies Are Increasing Collectively

Hi hive! It is good to be back for this “After the Wedding” series. We Genies didn’t expect to have such a crazy two years right after we got married. 35 more words

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Hidden خفي . Part II

Assad: the Leo Jinn

Salaam: The Saggitarius Jinn

Kharoof: The Aries Jinn

”The strangers finally captured the Jinn, we should be thankful for their assistance, we should not be afraid of them.” 1,212 more words


The Great Gamal

Sheik Gamal, young, handsome, rich and used to commanding his little corner of the world, knelt in the grass, concentrating with all his might. His car failed to appreciate his greatness; it sat unresponsive on the side of the road, refusing to heed his command that it ‘GO!’ 1,130 more words

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Wishmaster 3 – Halloween Horror Month Movie Spectacular 2014 Day 16

If you’ve seen the first or second Wishmaster, this is more of the same but not as good. As in the previous two movies, a young woman accidentally releases the djinn from the jewel that imprisons it, and wish-based shenanigans ensue. 210 more words


Review: Emma and the Blue Genie by Cornelia Funke

Emma and the Blue Genie by Cornelia Funke, illustrations by Kerstin Meyer

Emma often spends her nights out by the sea with her dog, away from her pesky brothers.  One night she finds a bottle floating in the waves and opens it to discover Karim, a very small blue genie inside.   Karim has had most of his magic stolen away when Sarim, the huge yellow genie, stole his nose ring and trapped him in the bottle.  Now Karim has to head back to avenge himself and to save the kingdom from the evil rule of Sarim.  Emma decides to go with him and she sets off aboard his magic carpet for the kingdom of Barakash.  There, she is quickly caught up in the battle against Sarim, but once he sees her yellow hair, he immediately takes her prisoner.  There’s not much that a girl can do to escape from an evil genie who keeps you in a cage, but all is not lost when you have a blue genie and a brave dog on your side! 200 more words

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The Fault In Our Stars: Movie Review

Based on the novel with the same name, by John Green, The Fault In Our Stars follows 17-year old Hazel Grace Lancaster while she attempts to get through a life that hasn’t been all that great for her. 382 more words

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Draft Cover - The Persian Bottle

I have set up a draft cover (front and back) for my children’s book.  I am aware that if it gets accepted by a commercial publisher that I will not have much say in the final look – but if I have to self publish then I need to have something ready to go.   57 more words

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