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Trying to Find Passion in a Sea of Standards

“Education is being strangled by the culture of standardized testing.” – Sir Ken Robinson

“I’ve been making a list of the things they don’t teach you at school. 843 more words


MakeDo Toys

The Mindy Project binge/make-stuff-for-school continues on into the night.

“Are you talking to God behind my back?” -Mindy

Anyways, I just signed up for an Animoto account, which I signed up for my first year of teaching, and then promptly forgot about.

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"Genius Hour": A Treasure Trove of Data Collection

By Mary Anne Mather, Managing Editor
TERC’s Using Data For Meaningful Change Blog

 Too often, when people think about using data, they limit their thinking to consulting test and assessment data from state tests, to district benchmarks, to classroom assessments. 802 more words

World's Fair

After teaching about different countries for 3 weeks, I turn the reins over to the kids.  They get to pick a country of their choice to research and teach the others, and we have a World’s Fair on the last day.   253 more words

My "Genius Hour" Mistakes

When I first introduced the idea of Genius Hour to my students it was met with both excitement and fear. They were enthusiastic at the idea of choosing their own topic of study, but nervous about two major things: 551 more words


Genius Hour musings @eduallstarshq

After listening to several more recent podcasts, I decided to check out the beginning of the series. One of the hosts mentioned Genius Hour. I love the idea. 49 more words


Tried and True - Genius Hour

On this blog, I tend to post about a lot of ideas that I find, and some readers don’t always get a chance to know if I ever tried them – or if they were complete flops.   364 more words