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Lucille - Reflexion Week 2

I think a lot of people think very a lot of think bad about the shark but in fact they don’t know. The only thing they think to know is that: the great white sharks are the killer of the ocean ! 89 more words

Genius Hour

Barry - week 2 Reflication

Last week I finished my purpose for my Genius Project and I felt my idea is good to share with people. My idea on my purpose is about how technologies affect the world and I had came out with an idea. 172 more words

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Research Tips

Notes from Mrs. McDonough’s presentation on smart searching:

Think about synonyms to key vocabulary in your research question.  For example, a sports related search might yield better or more academic results if you use “athleticism.” If you want to know if something will make you smarter, know that “academic” and “intelligence” or “intelligent” might be important variations on the concept of being “smarter.” 49 more words

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Ryan - week two reflection

Now I think my idea is the biggest problem later on 10years my search is very good and I found all of the population from each country and the problems was very obvious the worst happen is big place gets less people and small place gets more people by the way some of the country still has almost half way of the forest that hasn’t work it thought so that means those place are still very empty, my search of them India and China is the worst place that is getting expand even the government is trying to control the breed by the people.

Genius Hour

April 23 - Priorities

1. Get your proposal to me.

2. Complete your reflection as per yesterday’s instructions.

3. Begin fruitful, purposeful research.

4. Keep track of useful information AND where it comes from. 6 more words

Henry-Week 2 reflection

Today, I search for my topic ” Why should we come to Canada”. I learned that surrey schools have a web-system which can be use for researching and how to use them. 210 more words

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Frank - Week 2 Reflection

In the past two week, i watched my favourite team in NBA. Everytime when the opponent’s team score, i will become angry and nervous. Specialy in the four period or overtime, i don’t really know why. 15 more words

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