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Genius Hour: The Finale

Since my last post which dealt with the death of my friend, LaRie, I have not been in the mood to write about anything.  I just haven’t been able to motivate myself to get back to my blog.   500 more words

Can you spare a comment? (For the kids)

Genius Hour projects have begun! Almost all of our students are firing away on their various projects and blogging about their progress. Please check out some of their blogs in the list below and leave a comment of advice or encouragement. 50 more words


Why Genius Hour?

It has been my own personal goal this year to learn and understand more about the idea of “Genius Hour,” and how and what it would look like in the classroom. 1,603 more words

Approaches To Teaching And Learning

Genius Hour

School, to most students, is full of learning and researching about topics most of us don’t really care about.  We are all fully capable of doing a standard paper or a display board or model, but what makes it so difficult is our lack of interest in the topic. 201 more words


Genius Hour Introduction

Freedom of expression is a precious thing.  I loved seeing creative juices begin to flow today as students began to come to terms with the concept of Genius Hour AND the concept that THEY were about to be challenged/invited to be a part of the inquiry process, in accordance with their very own passions, curiosities and ideas. 94 more words

Imagination in full effect with Genius Hour

Students at Sunrise Mountain are taking part in a new project called Genius Hour, a whole class period where students get to create something that they are passionate about. 297 more words

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