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Vincent - Week 2 Reflection

I think we will talk about the how to solve or discover the question and creepy things . I heard some university students have been physically forced to have sexual intercourse, and have 47% students had been bullying in the university or school.  16 more words

Genius Hour

Ray - Week 2 Reflection

In this genius hour project we will talk about why so many people use samrt phones? people now days rely a lot on samrt phones and could do almost anything with it. 139 more words

Genius Hour

April 22 - Week 2

I’ll call this Week 2.  For purposes of reflection, this will be “Week 2.”

Ideas are beginning to take shape.  Research proposals are coming in.  The blog is evolving.   277 more words

Genius Hour

Barry - 1st Reflection

The Genius project: For this project we will investigate different kind of questions that you wonder about. For examples, what happen if human live without education? 20 more words

Genius Hour

Vincent - 1st Reflection

I felt little bit frustrated about this project.It seem so complex and hard, so i am not sure i will do well in this project. but anyways i will try my best to make this project get better enough, and i hope i will not fail in this project…

Genius Hour

Tiger - 1st Reflection


genius project:

I think the genius hour is good but it will really make you feel tired. Foer example:thinking about what happen

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Genius Hour

Seri - 1st Reflection


i am wondering why companies are keep competing. I have this question by myself because Samsung,Korean brand company and iPhone company, they are competing each other . 30 more words

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