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Bahasa, Di Antara China dan Jepang

Ini adalah tulisan ‘agak intelek’ saya. Mohon maaf dan mohon kritik jika ada kekurangan dan kesalahan. Oh iya, saya tipikal orang yang gak suka tahun, oleh karena itu dalam tulisan ini sedikit sekali tahun yang spesifik. 649 more words

Genji Monogatari Character CD Vol.5

キャラクターCD 『源氏物語~男女逆転恋唄~ 紫之巻』

Casting: Kimura Ryohei

Download link: Here


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Art on Tuesday: Murasaki Shikibu

Murasaki Shikibu 紫 式部 is the author of the Genji monogatari 源氏物語. The first world’s novel and the most famous literary artwork of all time, an outstanding Japanese classic about life at the Heian court (794-1185), she writes psychologically deeply observed stories, witty observations, erotic tales, intertwining it with poetry and it is a joy of a read, even today. 91 more words


Not So Free Love: Hidden Stigma in Heian Japan

Many societies all across the globe have held women to difficult moral and sexual standards. Even though Heian Japan was, by all accounts, not a bad place for a woman historically speaking, it was still not easy. 685 more words

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What I'm doing this week

These days I’m completely in love with Genji Monogatari!

Even if I arrive to the end of the day exhausted and exasperated because of the school and homework (next week I have two tests), I’m always in the will of reading this novel (: I’m reading very slowly because of the lack of time, but I’m really enjoying it. 238 more words

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Genji Monogatari Character CD Vol.4

キャラクターCD 『源氏物語~男女逆転恋唄~ 夕顔之巻』

Casting: Takuya Eguchi

Download link: Here


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