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Genome Sequencing Goes Mainstream in 2015

The first fully sequenced genome started in the year 2000 at the cost of $3 billion. Yes, that is three billion dollars for… 131 more words

Breast Cancer

Invitae raises $120M for its $1,500 gene sequencing test

Genomics will someday be your doctor’s major weapon for keeping you healthy throughout your life.

The San Francisco-based genetics company Invitae is pushing hard toward making that a reality. 368 more words


Billionaire doctor wants to install a genome-analyzing supercomputer at a children's hospital

The Phoenix Children’s Hospital in Arizona is about to get its own supercomputer for the purpose of performing whole genome analysis. The project, which is funded by billionaire doctor and pharmaceutical entrepreneur  530 more words

National Insitututes of Health Awards Funds to Two Colleges for Undiagnosed Diseases Network

NIH has awarded the Medical College of Wisconsin and Baylor College of Medicine with more than $2.5 million over four years, depending on availability of funds.  185 more words

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How many Human Genomes will be Sequenced this Year?

It took nearly 13 years, billions of dollars and many research labs across the globe to complete the Human Genome Project. 11 years later, how many genomes would be synthesized in 2014 alone? 231 more words


Coffee Genome Reveals Why Your Java Smells So Good

By Elizabeth Palermo, Staff Writer   |   September 05, 2014 08:50am ET

Credit: Chailalla | Shutterstock.com

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Not all caffeine is created equal. Researchers recently sequenced the genome of the coffee plant and found the caffeine in your morning cup evolved independently from caffeine found in other plants. 139 more words

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