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Can we quantify genetic and environmental influences on a characteristic?

There are indispensable books, books that we have to have (even if we end up reading only the book flap…). Other books, down below in a list of importance, are books that we plan to buy when a chance comes. 1,008 more words

Evolutionary Biology

Do you wanna play a game?

So you probably think this entire thing is silly, you see someone with Epicanthic folds and they have to be Asian right, like at least 1/4th because like otherwise it’s impossible. 206 more words


10 facts about Race: believe it or not

  1. The idea of race is a modern social construct that only separates us as a species rather than bring us together.
  2. Race is not biology, genetically we are all made of the same parts, no one person or ethnicity is superior.
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How to score full marks on a genetics question in iGCSE Biology?

Few things in life are certain, famously just death and taxes.  Northampton Town flirting with relegation can perhaps be added to this list.  But you can be pretty certain that tucked away somewhere in your iGCSE Biology exam there will be a genetics question that asks you to draw a… 378 more words

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Genetics jargon: A* understanding for iGCSE

The science of genetics looks at how inherited characteristics are passed from one generation to the next.  The father of genetics was the Moravian monk, Gregor Mendel, who showed with his breeding experiments in peas that individual, discrete “particles” are passed from one generation to the next.   369 more words

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DNA: Part Three

The Test is In

So today, the day after Thanksgiving, I receive the results from my DNA test with 23andMe.  Logging in I went straight to the “My Results” tab.   507 more words

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