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The Colorblind Bias: Why Men Are More Likely To Be Colorblind Than Women (L30)

Disclaimer: This may seem confusing and harder to follow for someone without the background in biology that I already have, but I will do my best to have definitions in the writing. 538 more words

Do You Have the Genotype That Makes Moderate Alcohol Consumption Heart Healthy?

So much for resveratrol?

Moderate alcohol consumption has widely been heralded as beneficial at reducing the risks of coronary heart disease. A new study from Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg suggests that this benefit only exists in a small portion of the population.

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Dear NHW,

Sorry to be a bother but I really need the advice of other blog readers. I just got married a few months ago to a very wonderful man that I think God must have been saving for me and we are blessed with 2 handsome boys (through CS though). 302 more words

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No Test, No Drug

It is very difficult to select the appropriate therapy for a patient if you don’t know what disease you are treating. For the practicing physician, the patient’s presenting symptoms, history, physical examination, and radiological and biochemical evaluations typically establish the diagnosis by placing the disease in one of many accepted clinical diagnostic categories (phenotypes). 670 more words

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