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As I walk down,
This lonesome road of life
I by-pass different women
Beautiful, intelligent and hardworking
Amid these qualities and more
My uncanny heart… 379 more words



I hear many Nigerians use the word “genotype” without actually knowing the real meaning of the word.
What is Genotype?
Genotype is simply defined as the genetic make-up of a cell. 2,122 more words


A zombie tractor and ISU plant research's new direction

The zombie garden tractor gets your attention.

The driverless machine can move through rows of sorghum, going for hours with only a GPS navigation brain to guide it. 1,386 more words

University Research

Sleeping with the Enemy: Wolves and Livestock Guardian Dogs

Can’t trust anyone….

Gene Flow between Wolf and Shepherd Dog Populations in Georgia (Caucasus)

We studied the distribution of the mitochondrial DNA haplotypes and microsatellite genotypes at 8 loci in 102 gray wolves, 57 livestock guarding dogs, and 9 mongrel dogs from Georgia (Caucasus). 188 more words

Science Abstracts

Why learn horse genetics?

Class in-world was an amazing experience to teach, and I am so grateful for the people that dropped by.  Their own experiences really added and enriched the feel of our class, and I think we all learned from each other! 265 more words

Kokutan's Horse Topics


Have you ever wondered why you look like your parents? Well, every person inherits chemical information from their parents. These chemicals instruct the cells in the body to produce certain proteins, which determine each person’s physiology. 424 more words

Life Science

AS dilemma

Hey people :D and in case you don’t recognise that smiley, that’s me giving you my biggest grin.

Why? ‘cos I’ve missed you guys. Well, a lot to tell but before I start with all the many things I have to tell you I have a dilemma post for you this fine Tuesday. 268 more words