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All Those Vanished Engines

All Those Vanished Engines by Paul Park

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“It’s all meta-fiction, all the time.”

“I always warned students against complexity for its own sake, and to consider the virtues of the simple story, simply told.” 408 more words

Meta Fiction

234. Ann Leckie (a.k.a. Singularitrix) — Ancillary Sword (An Interview)

Space voyeurs, interstellar empire shenanigans, and tea, oh my!  The always incredible Ann Leckie takes over the show once more to discuss Ancillary Sword, the much anticipated sequel to the multi-award winning  143 more words

Genre Fiction

How to Use Sensory Details

Beginning in elementary school, we’re taught to use the five senses in descriptive writing. By the time we’re writing as adults, it ought to seem like second nature, right? 829 more words

Creative Writing Prompts

Seeing Daylight

Hey, I hit 50,194 words for NaNoWriMo today! The novel still needs work, of course, but I’ve reached my November target. Now I can concentrate on shaping the story… after a little break to celebrate:) 9 more words


Grad School or Dragons? Thoughts on Why We Love Speculative Fiction

There is something about lovers of speculative fiction that is different from the lovers of strictly garden-variety fiction. You cannot compare the passions of a Potterhead and a Hemingway fan—the fact that “Hemingwayhead” is not a term is a testament to this. 785 more words

Science Fiction

Shake Hands with the Unknown

What draws a reader into a book? What breaks their connection with the material world and plugs the brain into an alternative dimension? Sure, cover design, a known author and positive publicity blurbs all have something to do with it, but as speculative fictioneer  170 more words


Is Genre Fiction Reaching Critical Mass?

Interesting things are happening in SFF and other ‘genre’ fiction right now. Having been looked down on for decades (centuries?) it’s increasingly looking like mainstream cultural and critical acceptance is on the cards. 382 more words