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What Do You Want to Read and Write for 2015?

As we enter the final week of January 2015 starting Monday, and we’re sticking to our resolutions (hopefully). I want to know from most of you, what do you want to read for the new year? 314 more words


A Romantical Interlude (for a Pirate)

Alright, I refuse to let myself get caught up in over-indulgence, and go on and on about the fact that I have had radio-silence (figuratively speaking) up here for a crap load (again, figuratively speaking) of time. 2,352 more words

Writing Excuses: New season, a writing course by podcast

Many of my readers and fellow bloggers are aspiring (or practicing) writers.  If you haven’t caught it before, ‘Writing Excuses‘ is a podcast about writing in the science fiction and fantasy genre.   95 more words


Are you following the crowd (through the red light)?

I pulled up to a red light on my motorbike and sat beside several other motorbikes at the front of a long line of cars. One of the other bikes, which is often the case, took off through the red light, anticipating that the light was about to change green. 315 more words

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Are you telling the story you want to tell?

If you are telling the story you want to tell, congratulations. You must feel fulfilled as a writer.

As I was compiling my most recent story, I got to the point where I realized I had told everything about this story I had wanted to tell. 528 more words

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