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So, Laura, have you read any of the Hugo nominees?

That sound you hear is the hollow laughter of someone who has worn out both her library card and her bank balance accumulating a reading pile that started as novel research and ballooned into general bookwormery of the highest order, and left the e-book samples for the Hugos for my husband to devour. 379 more words

This is not what I want to read for

This is not what I want to read for. Tau kenapa?

Awalnya gua lagi searching tentang J.R.R. Tolkien dan C.S. Lewis, karena kebetulan gue mau posting  pembuatan film tentang mereka kan, gua… 202 more words


Lebanon celebrating women by highlighting women reproductive and social roles

Women reproductive roles are entrenched in our society.

Even women reproduce the same roles making it difficult to change our gender social –predetermined roles.

I am now a mother, I have to be the one who takes care of the child, who bathes him, who changes him, who feeds him. 122 more words


Review: The Guestbook - Holly Martin

Welcome to my review of The Guestbook by Holly Martin, let me first start off to say that I’ve never really experienced a writing style like this and I quite enjoyed it. 483 more words


Prisoner of Night and Fog

Gretchen Muller’s father gave his life to save Adolf Hitler and ever since she has grown up under the wing of her “Uncle Dolf” in the National Socialist Party. 196 more words


Shaking Up My Bookshelf

Sometimes I worry I’m becoming too blinkered, that as much as I love <insert genre/author> I’m growing ignorant of what else might be out there. 481 more words


Neil Gaiman: The Ocean At the End of the Lane|Book Review

How can you be happy in this world? You have a hole in your heart.

I read this book a while back but never got round to writing anything about it. 

193 more words