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Organizing Your Bookshelf

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I know there are plenty of people who have books all over the place. The floor, the coffee table, the sofa…just about everywhere. 286 more words

Wild, wild librarians?

It’s homecoming week, the theme this year has your library staff feeling inspired.

The television show, Wild, Wild West, aired from 1965-1969, foreshadowed a genre of literature that is now more commonly known as “steam punk.” ┬áThe movie, starring Will Smith, came out in 1999 and rocketed the genre into the public eye, inspiring a new form of dress (and play). 150 more words


The Start Of My Journey

I’m Hayley, 17 years of age from England. I study 3 a-levels (psychology, creative writing and Religion: ethics and philosophy). I battled bowel cancer in year 8 after losing my mum to it in 2005. 127 more words


What Makes Steampunk Popular

What makes Steampunk popular???

I mean the designs and ideas that it can create are limitless! Anything, absolutely anything, can be made steampunk! 188 more words


My Writer Friends,How Did You Fall Into Your Genre? Advice Please. By @Aerobabe619

For two posts I wrote a completely made up story.First in order to keep track of the characters I made 3×5 cards.Name,age occupation.How they were related to a few other characters I introduced. 248 more words


Three Novels To Grow On: A Thought Experiment

A thought experiment – every fantasy novel in the world has been destroyed. You have only been able to save three. From these a new fantasy genre will be born. 26 more words