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The Best Tracks To Make Your Weekend Groovy and Weird

The songs selected for this week’s playlist range from calm and graceful to experimental and chaotic. Let’s take a journey together through some mind-bending sound. 165 more words


All New Quick Reads

They are here! Six new titles from Quick Reads for 2015:

AHNA Interview (Crust Black Metal: Vancouver, Canada)

AHNA is another band from Canada to blow your ears. They mix their punk influences with everything that’s dirty and metal creating a chaotic sonic blast and proving that black metal have so many facets. 1,409 more words


Book Blogger Hop: Jan 30-Feb 5

Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Coffee Addicted Writer

This week’s question is:

Do you ever get comments from authors when you have posted or tweeted your review? 26 more words

Blogger Hop

Film Review No.359: The Interview

So this film had some controversy surrounding it. By which I mean someone who may or may not be tied to North Korea didn’t like the look of the film and so they hacked Sony and proceeded to distribute emails and films galore. 1,135 more words

Film Dump

Ever Heard of Kindle First?

Amazon keeps rolling out the book-related programs. I think Kindle First was launched late last year, I think. Anyway, have you heard of it? I randomly received an email some time ago that told me a little about the program and I jotted down a few words on my list of topics to blog. 197 more words

The Third Novella: a horror story about writing a Horror story

Writing a book is a solitary sport. Publishing a book is anything but solitary. You need a lot of people to help you. Even when you are lucky to have diligent people helping you, everything takes time, which means you will wait through various periods for them to do their work before you can get the thing published. 491 more words