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Writing In Different Genres

The word “genre” was never in my vocabulary before I tried to sell BREATH OF AFRICA to agents and publishers.

I am now aware that it provides a convenient means of categorising the misty art of writing books, so that those middlemen can put the volumes onto certain shelves to attract relevant readers. 481 more words

Breath Of Africa

Film Review No.337: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

You know when you get the sudden urge to just watch a film? This wasn’t one of those situations. For week’s now all sorts of crappy crap has been going on with people harassing anyone that dares to be a woman, or even stand up for what a woman dares to say on the internet, and it all got me quite fed up. 1,163 more words

Film Dump

11: a book you ought to have read by now, but haven’t

I missed A Tale of Two Cities completely. In my secondary school, it was our big assigned-reading book in eighth grade, and I switched schools that year. 187 more words


Look into your Eyes

Modern cinema took off with two stares into camera: Harriet Andersson challenged the audience to judge her for her new affair in Summer with Monika (Bergman, 1953), and Jean Seberg did the same thing seven years later in  597 more words


"How to Make an Email and See the World"

In my post from last week, I referenced my customer service experience and although I am aiming to generally direct this blog toward those with an interest in early literacy efforts (a.k.a. 757 more words

A new path

Lingering at the Keurig, I leaned on the counter and watched my newest mug get filled up with my newest Guatemalan coffee. I waited a few beats longer than I normally do to rinse out my reusable K-cup and unplug the coffee maker. 660 more words


Taste of the Deep House Spectrum

While deep house is defined by complex melodies and varying chromatic chords, the modern day definition has its variations. Ranging from simple repeating melodies to layered complex ones, deep house ha definitely grown. 168 more words