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Genshiken EP13-8

On the other hand, Kasukabe is flipping through a gay dojinshi. 344 more words


Going Back To Genshiken

I haven’t been very kind to the slice-of-life genre lately.  1,002 more words


On Being Attracted to Anime Girls

One of the most common otaku stereotypes is that of the dorky guy who can’t get laid, so he turns to anime girls for his sexual gratification. 1,049 more words


Genshiken EP13-7

Kasukabe takes and looks at one of gay dojinshi on the table. 273 more words


Genshiken EP13-6

One day, Ogiue finds no one in Genshiken room when she comes there. 355 more words


Genshiken EP13-5

Ogiue introduced herself to Genshiken but, as they worried, she turned out to be a little difficult woman. 294 more words


Genshiken EP13-4

Takayanagi, the chief of Manken, introduces a woman who caused a trouble in his club to Genshiken. 274 more words