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Genshiken EP12-7

He breaks something to his friends when they finish watching Kuji-Un. 336 more words


Ogiue by Victoria "Viga" Gadson

Viga is a long-time Genshiken ally; we even did a panel about Ogiue together at Otakon! Naturally, when requesting a drawing to commission, there was only… 16 more words


Genshiken EP12-6

After the New Year, Genshiken is happily back to work again, so they’re all getting together in the club room today. 348 more words


Genshiken EP12-5

The next day, they’re all upset to find out the details of their volunteer schedule they were given yesterday. 506 more words


Genshiken EP12-4

After then, Madarame and Kasukabe visit the student council office to return the key to their club room. 245 more words


Genshiken EP12-3

Madarame has to go back into their club room so he can make sure there’s no trouble between Kasukabe and Kosaka. 471 more words