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Genshiken EP15-10

Against all odds, Ogiue did the cos-play. 451 more words


Genshiken EP15-9

There’s a line of the people at the door, who have been waiting for Ouno’s cos-play to begin. 306 more words


Genshiken EP15-8

In the end, Ogiue has got to do cos-play, even though she isn’t very sure of herself. 213 more words


Genshiken EP15-7

While Kasukabe is talking Ogiue into cos-play, the rest of guys are discussing the chance. 370 more words


A Flying Pussyfoot or Two: Genshiken II, Chapter 107

Chapter 107 of Genshiken II mostly takes place on a train. Unlike Baccano!, there is no trail of dead bodies, thanks mostly to Yoshitake. 736 more words


Genshiken EP15-6

Kasukabe was showing a variety of costumes to Ogiue but she suddenly pulls them back when Ogiue begins to change her mind. 226 more words