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Genshiken EP14-5

Madarame gets back to the store to check their clothing again, but soon he’s astounded at the prices. 388 more words


Genshiken EP14-4

Today Madarame has been to Shinjuku by himself, where he don’t usually come for shopping. 275 more words


Genshiken EP14-3

During the quarrel between Kasukabe and Madarame, they suddenly realize that he’s wearing different glasses today. 379 more words


Genshiken EP14-2

In Genshiken room, Sasahara is enjoying a comic book, where they rush in quarreling each other. 258 more words


Ask Genshiken Creator Kio Shimoku!

In preparation for the American bluray release of Genshiken: Second Generation (aka Genshiken Second Season, Genshiken Nidaime, Genshiken II), Anime News Network and NISA are… 87 more words


Genshiken EP14-1

Seeing Ogiue’s poor fashion, Kasukabe decided to check her out. 263 more words


Genshiken EP14

“I’m a man from the planet Otaku” 263 more words