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*** Genshiken: Second Season 5

Genshiken: Second Season 5

Genshiken: Second Season 5. If you looking for Genshiken: Second Season 5. For more details of Genshiken: Second Season 5, please follow the link below. 41 more words

Hidden Power: Genshiken II, Chapter 104

As Madarame licks his proverbial wounds after his “close encounter” with Keiko, Hato reveals to the Genshiken club members that he’s decided to finally try and draw manga, and non-BL stuff to boot. 1,125 more words


The Fujoshi Files 110: Konno

Name: Konno (今野)
Alias: Kon (コン)
Relationship Status: Single
Origin: Genshiken: The Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture II

A former classmate of Hato Kenjirou, Konno is a fujoshi who discovered that Hato likes yaoi and is inadvertently responsible for spreading the rumor that Hato was gay. 72 more words


Genshiken EP12-10

An extra talk by Renko and Yamada from Kuji-Un. 128 more words


Genshiken EP12-9

Under the decision of the new president, Genshiken has started the New Year with the new mission that they’re joining Comi-Fes as a seller. 662 more words


Genshiken EP12-8

Madarame changes places with Sasahara. 247 more words