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Hate Me Now, Thank Me Later - Inspiring Excerpts and Review

When I saw this book in the library I must admit the title didn’t make me think of natural or gentle parenting. However, I am so glad I picked it up. 84 more words


Do Our Babies Need to Cry in Order to Sleep?

I came across an article by Hand in Hand Parenting’s Patty Wifler – Getting Young Children to Sleep Through the Night and I want to respectfully challenge a few assumptions therein that I feel may make our parenting more stressful and anxious. 2,121 more words

Gentle Discipline

Introducing the Sleep Savvy Tot Online Program (9mo-3yrs!)

Introducing the SLEEP SAVVY TOT ONLINE PROGRAM!  (9mo-3yrs)

Just say NO to Cry-It-Out!

$10 off for a very short time!  Click here: http://www.savvyparentingsupport.com/#!sleep-savvy-for-tots/ciho

I created this new program for gentle, naturally-minded families with little ones who are having sleep challenges and don’t live where I teach workshops and might not feel ready for my private coaching programs! 73 more words

Gentle Discipline

How to Respectfully Address Another Parent's Crying Baby

An article recently came out detailing a woman’s response to a baby crying in a stroller in a clothing store. The woman passed judgement on the mom of the baby for talking about… 479 more words

Gentle Discipline

Discipline--Our Evolving Approach

So I was asked to share…

I was recently asked (thanks Liz!) to share my views on discipline–and so I thought I’d give it a whirl.   2,207 more words


How to Get Children to Cooperate Without Punishments or Rewards

Is it even possible?

I have a three year old, so this is a subject I have had a lot of time and opportunity to ponder. 993 more words


Discipline: It's What's For Dinner?

Recently, an esteemed parenting author wrote this meme and put it onto Facebook:

This was my response:

Moorea Malatt: Wow. Your version of dinner out sounds like I would never want to go out again. 202 more words

Gentle Discipline