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Gently teaching children to eat healthy - Part I

I’m not a very picky eater, but there are several foods that I just can’t stand. Other times I just don’t feel like eating. I’m very erratic with my eating habits, I always have been. 678 more words

Biblical Parenting

Parenting by the Golden Rule.

“Most Parenting out there puts parents in a very narcissistic role. The focus is on meeting the parent’s needs only. The parent’s need for uninterrupted sleep, for compliance and obedience. 1,365 more words

Biblical Parenting

The Taming of the Hands: How Mindfulness Can Help You To Be a Gentle Parent

You may have heard about Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) being used to help patients with Anxiety and Depression, or even Mindfulness as a way to enlightenment as taught by Buddhism.   548 more words

6 Tips for Encouraging Your Toddler to Play Alone

Almost all of my parent coaching clients eventually ask this one question:

“Is there a normal amount of time my toddler should be able to play alone?” 720 more words

Gentle Discipline

Toddler Emotions :: Round 2

I take Noah to music classes once weekly while big brother is at school.

A few weeks ago, we were enjoying the music and movement and community with the other mamas and kiddos.   432 more words


Nourished Living Summit! Parents, Please Join Us!

I’m incredibly proud to be a speaker at this online event with some of my very favorite parenting and health thinkers in the world! Dr. Jay Gordon, Elizabeth Pantley, Dr. 1,061 more words

Gentle Discipline

Is Time Out a Gentle Form of Discipline?

It’s incredible how many parents I hear saying “I don’t punish my children – well except for Time outs of course!”

The “Time out” has somehow become an accepted and common form of discipline, and many parents believe it is a gentle and effective option. 490 more words

Attachment Parenting