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Washing Itsy Bitsy Clothes

As an expectant mother I have become a crazy giggler or even teary when I see how adorable the teeny tiny baby clothes are. And as I start to prepare for babies arrival, this can mean only one thing, the washing of itsy bitsy clothing! 223 more words


Harvest Moon. #2

An elephant does not realize it’s size. It still makes the decision to live gently. I admire her simple presence. Maybe we must strive to live as humbly as this creature; strong enough to crush the earth beneath us, but wise enough to walk tenderly. -imd

The Power of God!!

✝I Corinthians I:I8 KJV✝

❤The Power of God❤ 121 more words


About me

I’m a mother of 3 children aged 14, 8 and 6 months. I’m on maternity leave and currently feel very sleep deprived. 50 more words


Your Gentle Dentist can Restore Teeth, but Stay Tuned for Stem Cells!

“People also have some denture options to choose from like partial dentures (which cover a small portion of the jaw) and complete dentures (which completely cover the jaw). 143 more words

Mourning Dove in the Evening

I rather like these birds. They’re the only ones I know of, aside from swans, whose wings make a substantial sound during flight. A reader told me recently that some people don’t like their… 66 more words


Divine Reminders

Yesterday was a very busy and magical day filled with surprises at every turn. Some were very enjoyable surprises and some…well…some were not so enjoyable.  884 more words