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Gentle and Fierce

This boy.  How do I describe him?  Slaying dragons one moment and the next?  Holding my face gently in his hands saying “Mama, I just love you”.   164 more words


Grace to Teach

How does one lovingly stand up for the truth if the truth being stood upon is offensive to someone? Is it more loving to remain silent rather to instruct? 104 more words

Taught By Fish

If you want something in life, you have to put your line in the water. When you are scared, your line is out of the water, and I promise you, no fish has jumped out of the river and put itself in your net. 54 more words


Weekend Conversation with my Gentle Aussie

For better or worse, I am approaching this “relationship”  (or whatever you call the beginning stages of something) with more candor and honesty.

I don’t know what approach is best, to be sincere, and I know I need to be more aware of ensuring I am clear about what I want and what I need. 1,246 more words