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Daily Practice - Restorative Pose: Viparita Karani

 Viparita Karani = Legs up the Wall


While getting into this pose may take a bit of practice or an awkward moment or two, the benefits are undeniable.   629 more words

Random Acts of Kindness...sometimes unwelcome...(humankind sucks, from time to time)!!!

Sometimes I wonder about our capability of random acts of kindness just for the sake of it…because you can and you want to do it… 570 more words

Beauteous Hues

A balmy breeze

Gorgeous trees

Silk cotton majestic and Bottle Brush swaying gently at ease.

Flowers spilling over side-walks like children tumbling around in play… 112 more words

Somewhat Poetic!

coming soon

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DSC_4402 393223_10151929787311002_387270_n 416265_10152064340801002_1166785795_o DSC_4535 John Fung 職業魔術師 Look 1: Blazer from Korea, ZARA Shirt, Nudie Jeans, Sartori Gold Leather Shoes, YSL Belt, Vintage Bowtie and Pocket Squares, Panerai Watch Look 2: Suit and Bowtie from Initial Fashion, Z by Shirt, Loake Leather Shoes, and Ray ban Glasses Addiction: Magic 小時候在魔術店看見「硬幣反地心吸力向上飛」的魔術,驅使John Fung學習及嘗試當中的方法,然而練習得愈多,令自己喜愛得愈多。「我很享受見到觀眾的反應,他們笑容真實,不可能是作假,也是因為這個原因,自己更喜歡表演一些中距離及近距離的魔術,與觀眾有更多的互動,亦將表演的項目融入日常生活當中。」 作為全職的魔術師,John的表演機會可謂多不勝數,除與一些品牌合作外,如Panasonic,Wechat 及Microsoft Window等等,早排更參與了鄭融Live Like 18的MV拍攝,把魔術的元素融入街舞當中,將更為新穎的表演帶到銀幕上。


Tender leaves burst forth
Catching gentle April rain
Thirsty trees drink-up


The Velvet Underground's Gentler Side

Who could create such a beautifully strange, almost ethereal repertoire of songs but Music’s, late, martyred messiah Lou Reed and his merry group of surrealists from The Velvet Underground. 319 more words

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