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The Gentleman who didn't care about make up

A gentleman so fair and fun
Asked me out for a date and more
Just the kind of man I’ve longed for
Praying and hoping and wishing he came. 154 more words


A Gentleman's Humour-A Perspective on Jesting

Our society takes laughter very seriously. We are often consumed with finding something to make us laugh. The reasons for this I will not get into now (although I expect I may dive in at a future time), but suffice it to say that there is a deep-seated reason for this. 611 more words


Column 556


Jan Mulder is een tietenman.
Dat leid ik af uit het citaat uit z’n boek waarin hij de voorbereidende actie beschrijft op z’n overspeldoelpunt in een Brussels hotel, deze zomer. 579 more words

The Classic Gentleman

I was brought up watching movies from the 50s and 60s. The premise was always the same; the classic gentleman takes the path less frequented to reach the objective. 569 more words

The Southern Gentleman

Date No: 1

Time: 7:47pm- 9:27 pm

Venue: Sushi

“I’m crazy. I’m crazy. I’m insane” were the thoughts going through my head during the hours before my date with Thomas Cole*. 614 more words


[K-Style Fridays] Who Wore It Better?: Kim Sa Rang vs. Kim Yoon Jin

This week’s “Who Wore It Better?” brings a fashion face off between Kim Sa Rang and Kim Yoon Jin in Ralph Lauren.

Actresses Kim Yoon Jin… 98 more words


Gentlemanly Conduct: Checking out the babes

A few of the guys at work and myself were standing around talking one time about, well, you know, hot chicks. And it eventually provoked the question (asked by your’s truly) of whether or not you’ll brazenly look at a woman when she is with another guy? 582 more words