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They are a little deviation from the Four Gentlemen.


Chivalry’s dead, but this is Fantasy, it can come back to life

There was a time when it was practically requisite for the hero of any Fantasy tale to be a gallant character who lived by a code usually reminiscent of King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table. 364 more words

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PROM TIPS/ESSENTIALS (Gentlemen's Edition)

I know, I know you guys don’t have much room to bring things you want since you will be cooped up in that suit and tie most of the night. 288 more words


Album Review: The Afghan Whigs, 'Do To The Beast'

When the Afghan Whigs called it quits in 2001, many assumed that they were yet another of those cult ‘90s bands that had been chewed up and spat out by the major label pumping-and-dumping that was rife in that musically momentous decade. 958 more words

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Gentlemen Principles

How to setle as a gentleman

The gentleman is often overlooked in our times, in the contemporary, few know the right attitude of being a gentleman. 505 more words

The Last Gentlemen's Podcast review

In this day and age anybody can be an internet star. How this stardom arrives is completely up to you and your talents. Grab a video camera and create a youtube channel , draw or paint some pictures and make a page on Facebook to display them, or in this case grab two microphones and create a radio show. 360 more words