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Men's Fashion: Fall's 5 Essentials

Featured Photo via Jack Keene under NC2.0

Fall is hands-down the best time for fashion. There are so many options, and so many looks you can pull off. 837 more words


Where have all the manners gone?

Manners…  I think they may have gone out the window in the past few years.

Any store I go into lately I’ve noticed that I’m the only one saying excuse me, others shuffle on without caring even grazing by you. 198 more words


Crocodile Rock (Elton John) - The Gentlemen of the College

From Final Concert, April 2013 Solo: Ryan Dean ’16.
by Internet Archive Book Images

Why the long umbrella is the gentleman's essential.

We are not over compensating for anything. Sophistication, dry suede shoes, and an improved ability to point at things rolled into one. Lacking the over-exhibitionist style of the cane and the bulky, unflattering form of the raincoat. 67 more words


Words of Encouragement for the Lonely Damaged Women this Cuddling Season

Spoiler alert:  This post is very deep and is a bit disorganized.  It is about the mixed feelings that many women experience during this season.  Mix falling leaves, dying plants, people hugging, loneliness, watching others cuddle, and you have the recipe to make a confident woman feel insecure and sad. 1,976 more words

Project Of The Month: Shoe Shine Box Pt. 2

It’s been a busy week but I got around to making time to work on the box. Once all pieces were cut I clamped the sides down to start forming the box. 254 more words


Can chivalry and equality coexist?

As women, we still (and will always) want to be treated like the prince–ladies we are. We’ll always have a spot in our heart for getting just-because flowers, having the door opened for us and being walked to our front step. 280 more words

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