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Style cannot be rushed.

England double breast 🇬🇧
Friendly look for the fall and still appropriate for business.

No Rules

The Glass Slipper That Fits- How To Find A Modern Day Prince Charming

We’ve all been tricked and we’ve all fallen for the wrong guy over and over again. But should we be doomed to fall victims to the bad boy’s charm repeatedly? 559 more words


5 Pieces Of Fashion Advice For The Modern Man

A while ago, I taught the Internet how to act like a gentleman. Now I’m here to tell you that you’ve all done terrible and should be ashamed of yourselves, especially you, just sitting there in sweatpants watching reruns of Futurama. 927 more words

Patrick (Gentlemen's Agency)


Patrick is charming, intelligent, and very open minded, a good interlocutor and sentimentalist. Whose every woman understood and desired feels. His confidence in combination with his sultry look and beautiful body, makes every woman melt in his arms. 220 more words


Fashion Guide #7: Jackets

Article By: Tsaqif | @tsaquiff

The temperature and humidity in Singapore do not permit us to put on a jacket without feeling like we’re being punished for our sins. 247 more words


Revolting times: Our ruling class needs to pay heed to its fed-up subjects now - History - Life and Style - The Independent

A political class perceived as out of touch and self-serving. Punitive taxation frittered away on pointless foreign wars. Repressive labour legislation and wage control at home. 202 more words