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If you’re not trying to become a better man each and every day, then I’m not sure what you’re doing at The Noblest Rogue. I am a big believer of constantly looking for personal improvement and growth and am always willing to pass on some advice to you, dear reader. 198 more words


Melodic Chimes From Ladies And Gentlemen Studio

With a focus on creating a diverse set of merchandise with playful exploration and curiosity, Ladies and Gentlemen Studio now presents their designer Melodic Chimes.  Beautifully constructed artworks of unexpected supplies and objects float in mid-air with delicate song. 10 more words

Women Ideas

Men don't walk around with a smile on their face all day. Why should we?


After an SMH and eye roll worthy experience I took to Facebook and asked:

Men: Does it usually “work” when the first words you say to a woman are – “Why you look so mean?

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Lady Tomlinson Takes up Art: 1893


How Lady Tomlinson Developed her Individuality.

When I first knew Gwendoline Gilbert I very nearly fell in love with her. At that time I had a penchant for healthy – looking girls; and, being young, I was an ardent admirer of the British blonde. 1,528 more words

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