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Gentoo | total emerge

emerge --update --deep --with-bdeps=y --newuse world
emerge --depclean

eselect python list
eselect python set --python3 2

perl-cleaner --reallyall
gcc-config -l


Helzberg Penguin Plaza at the Kansas City Zoo

A gentoo penguin dives into the icy water in Helzberg Penguin Plaza at the Kansas City Zoo.

-scott weaver


Gentoo Fluxbox Asus Keyboard backlight control

My Laptop is an Asus N56V and previously, using Gnome or KDE, everyone had something to control the backlight. Now, using Fluxbox, there’s nothing – but Fluxbox is awesome ! 649 more words


Anatomy of an AutoTeach Plugin

AutoTeach is powered by Django.  Django is a modern python web framework that renders through html templates.  In Django there are the concepts of “project” and “application”.   353 more words


Process kwin uses 100% CPU when KDE screen is locked

For some time now, I have noticed that my laptop fan started to make a lot of noise after I locked my screen. Switching to a console and running (a)top, I found that the kwin process was causing this by using 100% of one of my four CPU cores. 190 more words


Gentoo does it.

Amy and I first sighted these penguins in our first week on the islands. Apparently it is a new location for this Gentoo colony. To see them we had to drive out to the sand dunes in a 4×4 and then climb the dunes to watch them across the minefield! 128 more words

[mini] My first ebuild

“Ebuilds are not evil” – Larry, the Cow

From now on, this will be my overlay repository: https://github.com/thiagowfx/overlay

I might change its name in the future, however it will probably remain on GitHub. 57 more words

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