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Aitcho Islands - lotsa first timers - Day 5

“Half the fascination an Antarctic expedition possesses, is to be found in the sharpness of the contrasts experienced during its course, for it appears to be true that a hell one day is liable to make a heaven the next.” – Raymond Priestley. 180 more words


Installing ASP.NET vNext under linux

I have been playing around with the beta version of ASP.NET vNext for some time now and finally got an MVC application to run on my Gentoo Linux box. 422 more words


Love Is in the Arch - Part 1

I was intending to craft this entry for quite some time now. However, I continued to postpone it to let my thoughts and emotions mature and so that my final view is as fair as possible. 429 more words


How Many Forks One Needs To...

Some time ago I wrote about how OpenMandriva Lx and Mageia (both based on Mandriva Linux) have overlapping interests and how this causes the developers to unnecessarily duplicate their efforts. 484 more words


Compilation Problem with VMWare View Open Client


For those of you who are trying to install vmware-view-open-client on Gentoo system, you might face the following problem as I’ve got:

/usr/lib/libgmodule-2.0.so.0: could not read symbols: Invalid operation… 29 more words


exGENT 32 bit (Gentoo) with LXDE using kernel 3.16.5-gentoo-exton

NEWS 141205
I’ve made yet a new version (20141205) of exGENT. This time for the 32 bit architecture. I call it exGENT 2015 LXDE Live DVD… 186 more words