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Be Quiet Emerge

When I install packages on Gentoo, I normally do like

root# emerge -pv packagename

This tells me, what use-flags are enabled and those which are not, 174 more words

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New Gay Penguins in Dingle Aquarium

Dingle Aquarium can proudly say they are home to Ireland’s first gay Penguin couple. Missy and Penelope are showing the typical signs of a loved up couple come mating season. 153 more words


Gummiboot on Gentoo

So you’ve dived into the new world of UEFI which, whether you knew it or not, has opened up a new world of boot loaders… 1,144 more words


Proper Use of The DD Command

If you have ever tried to make a live-usb from a linux iso, you may have come across something like this on the internet

root# dd if=/home/user/Downloads/somefile.iso of=/dev/sdx… 251 more words

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Gentoo Linux Post Installation Notes

0. This post is continuation from http://smekkley.wordpress.com/category/linux/gentoo-linux/
Run “emerge -uDNv world” before beginning.

1. Network Setup.
From command line (non-persistent)

ip addr add broadcast dev enp0s3… 234 more words

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Gentoo VPS - installed, waiting on reboot.

I have completed the handbook a second time for the Gentoo install verifying that everything should be correct.  I am going to wait on a reboot due to the possibility of getting locked out of the server while at work. 29 more words


KVM Server will be Gentoo - install in progress :)

The host I am using for my VPS mounted an image of Gentoo for me to use. Anyone that has done a Gentoo install before knows that it can take some time to get everything just right. 149 more words