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How to create overlay on Gentoo?


Gentoo enables “to merge” third-parties portage trees onto official tree by creating a local overlay. You can create a local overlay as described in the steps bellow. 66 more words


Gentoo Walking On Water


A returning Gentoo on the shores of New Island, Falklands with a belly full of Krill for its young ones. Location: New Island, Falkland.

Questions on Birds


Master Chain Answer 14: The Bluebird


Master Chain Question 15: The yaffle is a traditional name for which British bird?

Here are fifteen more questions on birds: 249 more words


Quick systemd-nspawn guide

I switched to using systemd-nspawn in place of chroot and wanted to give a quick guide to using it.  The short version is that I’d strongly recommend that anybody running systemd that uses chroot switch over – there really are no downsides as long as your kernel is properly configured. 913 more words


Gentoo network interface setup

Gentoo installation, described in the previous post, can boot properly now, but network is down. 320 more words