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Precocious Penguins

I watched this penguin for half an hour, and have maybe a hundred photos of the busy bird (who I have named Sylvia). It’s very unclear if it is a male or female bird- I don’t think I could have been sure without some very invasive inspection or watching her lay an egg. 565 more words



colder than I could have ever imagined
here I am walking among the gentoo
as if exploring another planet

I came here to die but decided… 36 more words


Sid, Arch or Gentoo - Who Would You Rather Roll With?

Windows, OS X, BSD and Linux are all contestants in an intriguing race – a race of technological development. To be more precise, they occupy slightly different niches in the ‘computing ecosystem’, however compete against each other in terms of overall usability (BSD to a much lesser extent). 502 more words


How to mount Matlab ISO file on Linux?


In order to install matlab on Linux system, it is necessary to run ‘install’ script. However, this script is within the Matlab ISO file. So, we have to mount it first, and then we can execute ‘install’ script. 25 more words


Gentoo needs focus to stay relevant

After nearly 12 years working on Gentoo and hearing blathering about how “Gentoo is about choice” and “Gentoo is a metadistribution,” I’ve come to a conclusion to where we need to go if we want to remain viable as a Linux distribution. 583 more words


A Formal Party

There must be a party close by.  Everyone looks like they are dressed for a black tie event.  You know, a formal affair with the printed invitations and all.  536 more words


exGENT (Gentoo) live 64 bit with Xfce4 and kernel 3.18.1-gentoo-exton

NEWS 20141227
I’ve made yet a new version (20141227) of exGENT. Now with Xfce4 and Lxqt. It is for the 64 bit architecture. I call it… 180 more words