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Process kwin uses 100% CPU when KDE screen is locked

For some time now, I have noticed that my laptop fan started to make a lot of noise after I locked my screen. Switching to a console and running (a)top, I found that the kwin process was causing this by using 100% of one of my four CPU cores. 190 more words


*** Ddi 10.5" Gentoo Penguin With Baby (Pack Of 12) buy

Ddi 10.5″ Gentoo Penguin With Baby (Pack Of 12)

Ddi 10.5″ Gentoo Penguin With Baby (Pack Of 12). If you looking for Ddi 10.5″ Gentoo Penguin With Baby (Pack Of 12). 106 more words

Gentoo does it.

Amy and I first sighted these penguins in our first week on the islands. Apparently it is a new location for this Gentoo colony. To see them we had to drive out to the sand dunes in a 4×4 and then climb the dunes to watch them across the minefield! 128 more words

[mini] My first ebuild

“Ebuilds are not evil” – Larry, the Cow

From now on, this will be my overlay repository: https://github.com/thiagowfx/overlay

I might change its name in the future, however it will probably remain on GitHub. 57 more words

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Setting up the Realtek's card reader driver for Linux (Gentoo)

First time as I looked at my build-in into my laptop card reader to configure sdcard for the raspberry pi, it turned out that it was not working out of the box. 463 more words


ghc 7.8.3 and rare architectures

After some initially positive experience with ghc-7.8-rc1 I’ve decided to upstream most of gentoo fixes.

On rare arches ghc-7.8.3 behaves a bit bad:

  • ia64 build stopped being able to link itself after…
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my very own Gentoo UEFI live stick

After buying the MS Surface Pro 2 my first thought was: “Let’s get some real OS on this thing and actually start working”. The SP2 is not as locked down as your generic Android or iOS tablet because it is technically a normal PC just as any other notebook. 2,522 more words