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Generation X

…or, the ‘completely overlooked’ generation. We grew up without cell phones or the internet, in an era where comic books and TV were still worthwhile and our culture was still producing films like ‘Star Wars’, ‘Back To The Future’ and ‘The Breakfast Club’ – we were also shaped by the threat of the cold war and wide scale gas shortages. 296 more words


Are You 'Monogamish'? A New Survey Says Lots of Couples Are

Perhaps because the premise of its new original drama series about a cheating married couple, Satisfaction, is not depressing enough for couples, the USA Network conducted a survey on cheating and marital satisfaction among Gen X and Y. 501 more words

The Buddhistic Benevolent Machiavellians of Generation X

As of late, we’ve been thinking a lot about our generation. It’s the one that no one really talks about, and marketers haven’t marketed to since that Volkswagen commercial with the youngsters on a moonlight drive in a Cabrio, blissing out to some Nick Drake. 720 more words

General Intrigue

Is the A330neo engine Rolls Royce's first carbon fan model?

The Airbus A330neo program has come a long way since our 29th of December article  “A330neo prospect gains traction.” With the Farnborough Air Show days away, we understand there are now Airbus internal job postings for engineers to join the program. 801 more words


2013: 39

2013 was an amazing year. Coming on the heels of the challenges and growth that 2012 brought I was ready for a fresh start. It’s not often that I find myself excited for a new year. 801 more words

Things I Thought

2014: 40 years old

I’m approaching 40. It feels weird more than anything and though I don’t find myself in the midst of an existential crisis (or do I?) I am in a bit of amazement that I’m here at this point in my life. 406 more words

Things I Thought

New airplanes nearing fruition? A330neo, 757RS buzz increasing

Development of two airplanes–the Airbus A330neo and a replacement for the Boeing 757–may be pushing to the forefront, according to two news articles yesterday.

Reuters reports that… 695 more words