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The Professional Passion Entrepreneur

The Professional Passion Entrepreneur

Harvard Business Review has reported that today’s workforce of 17 million independent workers should rise to 23 million by 2017.  Those numbers speak of a growing number of full-time employees working as an independent contractors on off hours.  354 more words


The Technology Market Myth about Baby Boomers (Remember Them?)

Every generation sees the world through its own lens.

Youngsters who grew up during the Great Depression and World War II, for instance, frequently became frugal adults who instructed their own children in the value of saving for a rainy day. 466 more words

Communications Commentary

"theKANG" : Accessories that redefine cool.

Accessories play a significant role in today’s world of fashion, making or breaking an outfit. Edgy, eccentric, androgynous, Kang’s accessories redefine cool. Kang is inspired by handcrafted techniques, textures and patterns. 587 more words

Baseball Metaphors to Defend "the Selfie Generation?"

The American media monster has a thousand voices, so it’s always remarkable and noteworthy when they start speaking the same language. For those who’ve been paying attention, the dialects are beginning to sync, and they’re all shouting the same thing: 353 more words

Reflections: Is 40 the New 80? Is 20 the New 2?

Over the past weeks, I have been involved in a great many discussions, debates and disagreements about the future of the social purpose (non-profit/NGO) sector. These topics have touched upon varying topics such as the professionalism of staff, innovation, volunteering around the world, donors not giving to overhead, ageism against those over 40 as well those under 40, and the importance of relationships versus data, data, data. 1,035 more words


Comb-overs, faces covered in a mess of gray hair, embracing baldness and wearing hats: men, hair and generations

I like bald-headed men. Then again, I’m of the generation where men have embraced baldness rather than fighting it. Here’s my take on how how men approach their hair, through the lens of generations. 552 more words

Generational Musings

Growing Our Community

Today’s session – Generation X: How Soon Is Now – at the California Association of Museums annual conference was a standing-room-only affair. We probably crammed close to 100 mostly GenX-ers into a room at the Napa Valley Marriott – as I joked, probably all of the GenXers at the conference were in the room! 126 more words