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VICTORY! No Handout for GEO Group in Arizona Budget

Thanks to intense negative publicity and a flood of calls and emails from our members around the state, Rep. John Kavanagh’s attempt to sneak a $900,000 giveaway to GEO Group into the state budget was defeated last night… 239 more words


Arizona GOP gives private prison company $1 million to house inmates who don’t exist

Arizona GOP gives private prison company $1 million to house inmates who don’t exist (via Raw Story )

Lobbyists for the private prison company GEO Group convinced lawmakers to include almost $1 million extra in funding despite the fact that the Arizona Department of Corrections claimed the money wasn’t needed. 99 more words


American Prisons - Big Money Makers For Large Corporations

Did you know that here in America, locking people up in prison is big business?  Well it seems to be so. Take a look at Corrections Corporation of America and GEO Group.  777 more words


PRESS RELEASE: Arizona Lawmaker Behind $900,000 Giveaway in Taxpayer Funds to Private Prison Company Received Campaign Donations from Same Firm

American Friends Service Committee and Human Rights Defense Center

For Immediate Release 

PHOENIX, AZ – Last Friday, the Arizona Republic reported that House Appropriations Chairman John Kavanagh had inserted $900,000 in additional funding into the House state budget for the GEO Group, the nation’s second-largest for-profit prison company. 774 more words


No Handouts for GEO Group!!

UPDATE March 31, 2014: SUCCESS!  Thanks to the overwhelming outpouring of calls, emails, and support the $900,000 handout was taken out of the budget when the Arizona Senate met today.   285 more words


Vigil Brings Demands from Detainees on Hunger Strike to GEO Group CEO’s Neighborhood

From Earth First! Newswire

Demonstrators visually and vocally presented the suppressed demands of immigrant detainees on hunger striker to George Zoley, CEO of for-profit prison giant GEO Group. 428 more words