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Как говорится,начинаем!


Review: GEO Princess Mimi in Almond Brown

I have another lens review for Adelaide Little Lens! This time it is for Geo Medical Princess Mimi in Almond Brown XMM-204 and I’m excited to tell you what I think of them :) 265 more words


Go Team Umizoomi!

Finally.  Made most of the kids’ Halloween 2014 costumes – TEAM UMIZOOMI!!!!

Last year, I was so sad that I couldn’t find any Umizoomi costumes that I liked, so I decided to make them myself.   1,077 more words

Find groups of continuous integers in a list in Java

I have a list of integers placed in order.
I want to get groups of consecutive integers as arrays with 1st and last integer of each group. 354 more words


Geocaching Fun!

Ok, I really like geocaching. It’s fun but can be difficult, especially when the co-ords are off, the last person who found it moved it or there is nothing to be found in the first place. 253 more words


თავისუფლება და ეკონომიკური თავისუფლება

2014  წლის 16 დეკემბერი
სტუდენტთა  სამეცნიერო-პრაქტიკული კონფერენცია

„თავისუფლება და ეკონომიკური თავისუფლება – კერძო საკუთრება, როგორც თავისუფლების გარანტი’’

ორგანიზატორი:  არასამთავრობო  ორგანიზაცია  ,,ეკონომიკური  პოლიტიკის  ექსპერტთა  ცენტრი’’
კონფერენცია ტარდება  … 28 more words

The Ins and Outs of the Yahoo Flickr Creative Commons 100 Million Dataset

This past summer we (Yahoo Labs and Flickr) released the YFCC100M dataset that is the largest and most ambitious collection of Flickr photos and videos ever, containing 99,206,564 photos and 793,436 videos from 581,099 different photographers. 857 more words