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Bello! #geocaching (GC4HZY7)

I love ALL things ‘Minion” — those yellow, cylindrical assistants from the Despicable Me movies. They are cute and impish, have wonderful senses of humor, and really steal the show for both movies. 234 more words


#Geocaching Rest Stops - I-29 - 1

While out the other day looking for some easy grabs I noticed 2 caches listed at rest stops just north of the US30-I29 interchange. I read their descriptions and set off with the Missus to find them. 540 more words


#Geocaching Outtakes

Well, this past month has truly been interesting. My home town of Blair, NE made national news because of its hail storm. Our house was hit pretty hard, we lost large windows in the living room and master bedroom, we lost sky lights, and major portions of two outside walls will need new siding.   685 more words


#Geocaching "Uff Da!" (GC2HB9N)

“Uff Da!” is originally a Norwegian expression, now widely used by many Scandanavian-Americans, meaning “What the Heck!” “I am overwhelmed,” and “I’m sorry for your situation.” There are probably lots of other connotations, so if you are of Scandinavian extract and can add clarity here, please feel free to drop a comment. 458 more words


#Geocaching the Omaha Public Library - 3


Today I am searching for the geocache at Omaha Public Library’s (OPL) South Branch. South is a shared facility with the Metropolitan Community College and located on their campus. 814 more words


#Geocaching Elkhorn - 1

Enjoyed an afternoon of geocaching in nearby Elkhorn, NE last Saturday and grabbed a few smileys. The area around 204th St. north of Dodge is very dense with caches, so I decided to start a blog post series to cover the easier finds. 595 more words


#Geocaching "Never on Sunday" (GC4KG2Z)

Never on Sunday?   Cue the Mandolins!   Better yet — Cue Miss Piggy!

While visiting a friend in southwest Omaha Tuesday I stopped off for a couple of grabs. 408 more words