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Journal of 2014/07/28

I felt so good today afternoon after finishing the real size dome made out of steel pipes. I’ll analyze this dome and find solutions – water proof, shape of main door and windows, ventilation, and etc – for the house dome.

House Project

Journal of 2014/07/22

Simple trigonometry formula in right angle triangle provides angle verse distance ratio.
I used tan(theta) = height / base

The base length sets as 25 cm from the bending point of strut. 39 more words

House Project

Journal of 2014/7/18

Drilling holes on 210 struts is done.
A: 90
B: 70
C: 30
D: 10
E: 10

Procedure of drilling two 9.6 mm holes on the strut… 96 more words

House Project

Journal of 2014/7/01



Type E and D struts are done.

I managed to press twenty struts afternoon today. Average time of pressing a pipe’s mouth was six minutes which was little slower than I thought. 63 more words


Hello and welcome to Helios-Dome . Geodesic domes by davesdomes. Located in the beautiful Kootenays in British Columbia Canada .

Geodesic dome greenhouses/structures . From kits to completely finished . 326 more words