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My Appropriately-Sized Rhode Island Terror

I just knew going in that describing the size of Rhode Island in terms of football fields was going to be a popular one, because it just had that certain xkcd-ish nerdly panache to it, by combining geodesy, sports, and things that other things get compared to a lot even if you don’t really know or care much about the things. 1,103 more words


Statistics Saturday: The Size of Rhode Island in terms of Football Fields

“Length” is here taken to be longitudinal, east-west, distance; “Width” that to be latitudinal, north-south, distance. “Height” is that normal thing.

The dimensions of Rhode Island as measured by an (American) football field, with the long dimension (120 yards) running east-to-west: … 114 more words


Geodesy, GPS, and Dark Matter—research by Geoff Blewitt

The research of Geoff Blewitt has been featured in two recent online articles by Mike Wolterbeek in Nevada Today.

Hiding in plain sight: elusive dark matter may be detected with GPS… 36 more words