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Confronting a US Congressman About Climate Engineering

Our selected officials have so far not been of any use in the battle to expose and halt the climate engineering nightmare. In this video US Congressman Doug LaMalfa acts as if he has no knowledge of the geoengineering issue. 82 more words


"Chemtrails" Timelapse the EPA Said Was So Abnormal It Must Be Fake! (73 Planes Before Breakfast)

On the one hand we are told everything is normal, therefore there is nothing to investigate. On the other hand, evidence that by their own admission is so abnormal to the extent that it can’t even be real(!), is dismissed as fake, therefore there is nothing to investigate.


Weather Warfare Against Innocent Populations Of The World

Was weather warfare waged against the people who attended the famous Woodstock event so many years ago? Was the completely freak snow storm (that completely perplexed meteorologists)  in NY over the Occupy Wall Street protesters also an engineered event? 165 more words


Climate Engineering Lies of Omission

In this 11 minute video, a private weather modification company, Aquiess Global Rain Project, clearly admits (on network news) to many of the existing weather/climate modification technologies. 300 more words


Ocean Fertilization Anyone?

I am so far behind in my posting of interesting tidbits of info and can’t even remember if this 55 page pdf on Scientific Synthesis of the Impacts of Ocean Fertilization on Marine Biodiversity. 535 more words


Chemtrail Dispersal System Caught In The Act

This short video (43 seconds) is yet one more great tool which proves what we are seeing in our skies is absolutely aircraft spraying, and absolutely not “condensation trails”. 32 more words


Climate Engineering Conference 2014 | Future Earth

The conference comes at an important moment in the governance of climate engineering and climate change in general:

The upcoming IPCC assessment report, which will be published in stages across 2013 and 2014, will address climate engineering, likely leading to a significant increase in both scientific discussion and popular media coverage of the subject. 93 more words