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Geoengineering: A Phenomenon Causing Unbelievable Jeopardy to the Beings on Earth!

If you research on the term ‘Geo Engineering‘ online, you might come across the definitions that state it as a domain that looks into the investigation and development of earth’s resources.


Arizona Citizens Question The Authorities Over Chemtrails in Their Skies!

We must stand up against these widely occurring Geoengineering projects and STOP THEM! Download the SkyderALERT App or sign the petition here!


Look Up Teaser v2:22 "SkyderALERT" (*****)

Ever see long white trails in the sky that don’t dissipate? Geoengineering is the deliberate creation of false cloud cover intended to reverse global warming…
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Another study reveals dangers of geoengineering through ‘iron fertilisation’ | Hands Off Mother Earth

The concept of ‘iron fertilisation’ is based on the assumption that a lack of iron limits the amount of phytoplankton and thus marine life in large parts of the ocean. 100 more words


Science or propaganda? New hype about Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Storage | Hands Off Mother Earth

They assumed that all biomass is carbon neutral[1]. Amongst those scientists who have studied the carbon impacts of bioenergy, there is a now effectively a consensus that bioenergy is not in principle carbon neutral and that soil carbon losses, carbon emissions from direct and indirect land conversion and the time-delay between carbon emissions from burning wood and future carbon sequestration by new trees must be accounted for. 147 more words


Weather Modification Projects: Hacking Hurricanes, Driving Droughts, Steering Snow Storms!

It’s the right time to raise our voice and let the climatologists and government bodies know that we know what is happening…

We must stop the hacking of our environment taking place right in front of us. 9 more words