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Out of Sheer Rage: Geoff Dyer

My love of D.H. Lawrence has been documented in these pages before. It is a weirdly powerful love similar to my love for filmmaker… 1,187 more words


More About Charlie – Haden, That Is

Since learning of the death of the superlative American bass player, Charlie Haden, whom I wrote about here …, I’ve been listening to quite a lot of his music, and not only the prized jazz stuff with Ornette Coleman and Keith Jarrett, with Path Metheny and Hank Jones, but also to a 2008 album called… 240 more words


Jonathan Gibb's Randall

Satire is a demanding form, an act of aggression that can easily fail. Freud’s depiction of jokes as repressed hostility is evident in the sadistic satire of Anthony Burgess, and the snobbishness of Evelyn Waugh’s self indulgent attacks. 245 more words


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  • Dare Me : Megan Abbott
  • The Obald : R F McMinn
  • Henry James - His Women & His Art : Lyndall Gordon
  • Artists, Beats & Cool Cats…
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Links w/ Kaulie vol. 2

I have learned several things about myself over these last few months of link-collecting:

  1. If the Los Angeles Review of Books tweets a link to an essay review, I will favorite the tweet immediately and read the essay and talk about it a lot.
  2. 231 more words

Nothing Happens

Mark O’Connell, “The MacGuffinist,” The Slate Book Review 2 June 2014

The only thing these books really have in common is the fact that nothing much happens in any of them. 114 more words

Phantom Books

Why Blog ?

… people ask. Not as a prelude to anything in particular, and not because they woke up that morning with the question burning on their tongues, but most usually in an off-hand, vaguely curious kind of way. 468 more words

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