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Books in the sub-conscious

Unbeknownst to many, this time of year marks a whole year’s blogging. Relative to veteran bloggers out there, this is a very humble achievement, but a significant one to me. 840 more words


Natura morta con custodia di sax, Geoff Dyer

Natura morta con custodia di sax – Geoff Dyer

Già da qualche tempo questo libro era stato consigliato debbrutto da Sore e quando Sore consiglia tocca eseguire puntoebbasta. 705 more words


Zona. A Book About A Film About A Journey To A Room. Geoff Dyer.

Zona. A Book About A Film About A Journey To A Room. Geoff Dyer. Canongate Books, 2013.

Dyer’s humorous, witty and simultaneously serious style of writing proved addictive for me. 766 more words


Where I'm Reading From by Tim Parks

For a whimsical purchase one Sunday afternoon, I’m pleased with the rich provocations in Tim Parks’s Where I’m Reading From, a collection of powerful essays written for the… 198 more words

Literary Criticism

A Cerebral Existence; Photography's Theoretic Nature

Photography is amazing; all aspects of it. Consider the actual physicality of recording light. Consider the history. Consider the results of photography.

Photography is such a cerebral medium, more so than all the others. 545 more words


Geoff Dyer's Ongoing Moment

Geoff Dyer, The Ongoing Moment: A Book about Photographs (©2005, Canongate 2012)

This was a gift from a photographer friend who says she rarely reads a book all the way through. 482 more words


Books of the Year, 2014

The major discovery for me this year has been the work of the American writer Paul Hendrickson: having started with Hemingway’s Boat, his most recent book – a brilliant, spiralling accumulation of stories about Hemingway and, yes, his boat, but, more importantly, his family, friends and acquaintances – I read through his other work with equal enjoyment and fascination. 192 more words