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First Times: Experiencing Seattle’s music scene

Photos by Melissa Hebeler and Josh Herwitt // Written by Josh Herwitt //

Growing up in the 90’s, Seattle always had a special place in my heart. 808 more words



Chelsea and I started this journey as a humor blog because we both tend to be what other people often call “ridiculous”. But, we just see it as having a good time.  271 more words


Pile lover upon lover
‘Til we’re covered in skin

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Song of The (Hump) Day: Verona

Most listeners know Geographer for their track “Kites” off of Animal Shapes. Aside from the catchy radio hit, the entire album has a certain flow to it. 108 more words

Song Of The Day

Concert review: Geographer (with Bear Hive) maps out a panoramic sound at Off Broadway, Thursday, May 22

Michael Deni’s efforts to galvanize the woozy Off Broadway crowd coalesced into a flagrant one-two punch. He bopped around the stage with straight shoulders and buoyant legs, eventually plunging into the crowd who finally shook itself out of the Thursday night stupor that left them boring and polite the first couple songs in. 715 more words

Favorite Recommended Music

There’s no way for me to keep up with all the music that exists, especially with a full time job. It’s impossible! So I always make a point to ask my friends what their listening to so I can add some dope new artists to my roster. 149 more words

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