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Arctic VS Antarctic

So there’s been a good deal of confusion as to where exactly I am going next fall on my residency. I am going to the arctic, specifically above Scandinavia. 305 more words


Peter’s senses observed
until his notebooks were full
the heat of July,
the blossoms of April,
October’s colored leaves,
December’s deep freezin’,
yes, Peter wrote poems… 112 more words

Word Doodles Galore

Location and Geography: Where I Call Home and Where I Want to Be

I think I have become a geographically stuck up.

Wait, what? What does that even mean, Britta?

Okay, okay, let me explain:

A few weeks ago in my Minnesota History class, my professor was talking about how prevalent a dichotomy between provincialism and cosmopolitanism has become in Minnesota in the last half century or so. 1,594 more words


The Chalice

This information is intended for use with the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.

At a Glance

The Chalice is a “fine brass and metalworks” shop in… 64 more words


Where is he?

This week I began teaching in the community corrections facility. Students who come to me have had limitations in their education, are adults and do not have their GED or equivalent. 700 more words

Interesting Ethical Questions Raised by Environmental Conservation

This is based on the article “Conservation and human development – are they compatible?” (Biological Sciences Review November 2012)  

This fascinating article not only demonstrates the diversity of an area such a Madidi Tambopata in Bolivia, but is also as a reminder that environmental conservation is much more complicated than it may initially seem. 492 more words