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The Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change’s (IPPC) Fifth Assessment Report (AR5)

Recently the Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change published its fifth assessment report on climate change. 407 more words

Climate Change

Southwest Hartise

The Map Tour continues, a Map Tour that serves two functions.

First, I’m celebrating my new website at christinaannehawthorne.com and, you guessed it, I’m hoping folks come by to take a look around. 128 more words


Matriculate my Tutor 9

He and I went up to the university. He had the advice of an eminent geography tutor; and he eventually recovered the sight of that one eye. 86 more words

Quote of the Fortnight: Joel Garreau's Edge City - Life on the New Frontier

This week, the quote of the fortnight goes back to urbanism – and Joel Garreau’s highly influential book on 1990s-era suburbia, “Edge City: Life on the New Frontier.” 193 more words

Quote Of The Fortnight

Hard path

I wrote the following 5 days ago when I was in a pretty bad state of mind:

“After much deliberation over the past two weeks, I’ve decided that carrying on with uni was a mistake. 381 more words

Inverted placism: a possible future in which Silicon Valley's a ghetto

I was having brunch with a couple of friends who are lawyers, and we were talking about desirable and undesirable places to live. Seattle (where I may be moving in early 2015) scored high on every list, and one of the attorneys said something to the effect of, “I’d love to live there, but it’s next to impossible to get a job there.” Getting a law job in Seattle is, apparently, ridiculously difficult. 2,952 more words



While farming is not as prevalent in many cultures as it was in decades past, there are still many different types of farms in full operation today. 61 more words